Therapeutic Adherence

Subject: Healthcare Research
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Therapeutic adherence is assumed as one of the critical factors that influence the success of the treatment. Patients’ therapeutic adherence depends on several factors, such as patient-centered, disease-related, or therapy-oriented issues. The exploration of the factors that affect the adherence to antihypertensive treatment among Afro-Caribbean in South Florida is the purpose of the study.

Such research identifies the risks related to the therapeutic non-compliance of patients with hypertension. The literature review was conducted to analyze the state-of-art of the problem. The study conducted by Ferguson et al. (2018) also focuses on the Afro-Caribbean population (young adults 18-20 years old in Jamaica). The factors associated with hypertension are analyzed in the research, which are essential variables for the therapeutic adherence study (Fergusson et al., 2018). The sample of 25 hypertensive Afro-Caribbeans in South Florida were picked for the research in which we took part. The questions relating to the factors that affect their therapeutic adherence were asked during the recorded interviews and later analyzed in the descriptive qualitative study.

During the field experience, we helped to conduct the research by collecting articles that regard hypertension among the Afro-Caribbean population. We wrote five literature reviews of such reports that contribute to the study. We also transcribed three interviews of the participants, each of them an hour long. During the participation in this study, we got extensive experience in several research methodologies, such as interview method and literature analysis. We also learned about different research strategies and the ways how a study should be designed. The field experience gave us the possibility to participate in conducting a research publication. The knowledge and expertise acquired here can be applied in our future research projects.


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