Walden’s Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Specialty

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Nurse Practitioner is a profession that requires a high level of specialized knowledge combined with stress-resistance and a clear understanding of the ethics of the profession. The specialization has a number of subtypes that, despite their similarities, require different efforts and motivations from the students who want to pursue them. For instance, the popularity of the Family Nurse Practitioner specialty seems to be increasing, even though access to the program is limited.

The specialty concentrates on developing competencies and obtaining knowledge that could help a future family nurse practitioner assess patients’ individual needs from all age groups. The program also prepares its students to be able to identify current health issues, master disease prevention, and health promotion techniques. The prospects that the specialty opens, the varied, and well-balanced learning program made a choice for the Family Nurse Practitioner specialty easier.

Senior centers are a setting that is frequently in need of family nurses to help implement activities connected with healthcare education. Senior citizens constitute an especially vulnerable group in need of additional attention and sessions that could help them understand better the specifics of their health situation (Pardasani, 2018). Thus, becoming a member of a senior center, primarily as a volunteer, is both a step that can contribute to the community’s well-being and experience for future career development.

Walden’s MSN Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner specialty was another option for consideration, as mental illness becomes more and more problematic aspect for North America in particular and the world population in general. The program helps to gain an understanding of approaches to suicide prevention, treating numerous varieties of anxiety, depressions, and addictions. Nevertheless, the sense of altruism and community service that Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner specialty necessitates may constitute a challenge for future professionals in the field.


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