What Brought Me to the Nursing Profession

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Benefits and challenges of health informatics

Health informatics is the use of information technology tools in the health profession. Nursing informatics has many applications in the nursing profession because nurses apply information technology tools with the aim of improving nursing care (Cesnik & Kidd, 2010). Health informatics ensures that nursing documentation in healthcare institutions is accurate and complete. The application of health informatics in nursing helps to facilitate nurses’ workflow. Improved nurses’ workflow goes a long way in ensuring that quality nursing care is provided to patients. The use of informatics in nursing practices ensures that redundant documentation is eliminated from healthcare institutions (Hovenga, Kidd, Garde & Hullin, 2010). The elimination of redundant documentation positively correlates with improved patient data management and nursing care. The automated gathering and analysis of nursing data that are promoted by nursing informatics go a long way in ensuring efficiency in nursing practices (Cesnik & Kidd, 2010).

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However, health informatics is also characterized by many challenges. Many access controls are required by many departments in relation to similar data of a patient, and this could negatively impact quality the of nursing care. Nursing professionals are faced with the difficulty of knowing the extent to which to share patients’ data. In addition, health informatics requires a lot of training, and this might stress nursing professionals who are already practicing as nurses (Hovenga et al., 2010).

Impact of the TIGER and ANA informatics competencies

TIGER and ANA informatics competencies aim at making nursing professionals competent in basic computer applications, information literacy and, information management (Hovenga et al., 2010). The competencies ensure that nursing professionals embrace nursing informatics which is based on the use of computers and information management. If nurses understand patients’ data and manage them well, then there could be improved nursing care. The TIGER and ANA competencies go a long way in ensuring that nurses improve their operations, and this could correlate with quality beyond the normal standards (excellence).

Changes brought to nursing practices by the adoption of nursing informatics

The adoption of nursing informatics has brought many changes to the nursing profession. Most of the changes have led to the incorporation of non-traditional nursing roles into the nursing profession (Ozbolt & Saba, 2008). Nursing informatics has to improve nursing education, consulting, and policy writing. The use of nursing informatics has also improved the roles of nurse researchers and this has correlated with improved practice and patient outcomes (Hovenga et al., 2010). Nursing informatics has only been used for a short period of time (Ozbolt & Saba, 2008). The use of information technology tools is rapidly increasing across the world. It is expected that the continued adoption and growth of nursing informatics will lead to more changes in nursing profession than those that are being witnessed.

My skills, strengths and, preferences related to informatics

I have excellent skills in computer science that help me to combine nursing practices with informatics for improved patient care. My skills in data entry, organization, and analysis are essential in offering excellent nursing care to patients. My main strengths are design and creation of computer programs that are geared towards improving patients care. I have preferences in helping breast cancer patients through the use of nursing informatics.

Potential challenges and a strategy

The main challenge that hinders me from utilization of informatics in nursing practices is lack of adequate time to practice new informatics technologies. This has negatively impacted my nursing practice because I have always believed that modern nursing practices should be in line with emerging informatics technologies and applications. In order to accomplish my professional growth in nursing informatics, I should be attending regular trainings and seminars on nursing informatics. This will help me to keep pace with new applications in nursing informatics which will lead to improved patients care and patient’s safety.


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