Abortion Is Not Morally Correct

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Abortion is morally wrong and the members of society do not seem to agree with this statement. This is because the philosophers have not done enough to convince the people that the act is morally wrong. Philosophers have moved to the secular world and they give support to what the secular world has to offer. There is no research that has been carried out to show that abortion is immoral and this is a matter that should be taken seriously. This document will provide an argument to show that abortion is immoral and why society should stand up and fight against abortion. Although the world has gone on the secular world some of the morals that existed should not be ignored and this includes abortion.

Abortion is immoral when it is done when the mother wants the baby to be removed from the womb because she does not want the baby to develop and grow into an adult. There is another form of abortion that is done by the doctor and this is usually carried out when the mother is in danger during the course of the pregnancy. People in the society who are anti-abortionists believe that the foetus that is being removed represents the characteristics of a human being and that the removal is the same as killing a human being. This is because of the fact that killing is killing whether using a gun or knife or expelling the foetus from the womb. Life usually starts at the point of conception and ends when one dies. The expelling of the foetus voluntarily is what is morally wrong as death occurs as the foetus cannot continue to develop outside the womb.

Abortion denies the foetus the right to live as other human beings as its life is terminated. The right to live is guided by the moral principles that are existent in society. There are some principles that are accepted in the secular world and they are used to guide society. One is that to be a person is what makes the person of moral worth. This is why denying the foetus the right to live makes it morally wrong. The act of abortion has some controversy. This is because people argue that the act is not killing as the foetus is not a rational person and killing only takes place in rational people. This is what the secular world tries to justify the act of abortion. This has made the people that are anti-abortionists have a narrow reason to the fight against abortion.

Their efforts have yielded in fights that have led to difficulties to their principles. This is because they are on the side that killing off humans includes those that are in the womb while the pro-abortionist support killing of rational people. They also argue that the foetus is alive and human but it is not clear that the foetus is a human being. This is because humans undergo development in order to become complete human beings. The reason why abortion is morally wrong is that it is wrong to kill. The reason why it is wrong to kill is that the killing of the foetus is brutal. The other reason is that there will be a great loss that will be experienced later in the life of those who commit the act. There is a lot of effect on the victim and not on the friends and relatives of the victims. The loss of the foetus denies the victims moments of joy, happiness, and experiences of being a parent.

When the foetus is denied the right to live it is also denied the right to have a bright future and the value that life adds as one grows. This is to say that when the foetus is lost it is what makes abortion wrong. Should this be the case the wrong in killing a person is explained. The theory of wrongness is evaluated as the foetus is killed when conception has taken place. The explanations of the killings can be explained by the fact that there’s no existence explanation for the wrongness of murder. The loss of the foetus can be explained by making two considerations. One is that the act of killing is a crime that is considered the worst of all the other crimes that are committed. The second consideration is the fact that those who suffer from untreatable diseases like cancer and AIDS believe that dying is not good. The loss of their future is said to be premature and that is what makes it worse.

Thomson has defended the act of abortion saying that there are some reasons that are justified in carrying out the process. One is that if the mother is in danger and has to make a choice between the baby and herself. When it is removed at this early stage, it is not morally wrong because it is not yet a person. When the foetus is at the age of 10 weeks it is said to poses characteristics of a human being like legs, brain, and internal organs. When conception takes place, the product is just cells and does not pose the characteristics of a human being and thus if terminated it is not wrong.

The author continues to further argue that the mother has the right to control what happens inside her body. This is to say that she has the right to expel the foetus or keep it if she likes. There are those who argue that people have a right to live only because they did not encounter rape. The author argues that those who oppose abortion do not put rape into consideration and thus cannot distinguish the difference between a rape case and a normal case.

The case where abortion is considered is where the mother is in danger of keeping the baby. This is to say that a choice has to be made whether to save the mother or the child. In most cases, abortion is the only solution as mothers prefer to live than their children. The foetus has the right to live just as the mother but a mother is also a person. In this case, killing the child is wrong but also the fact that nothing is done to the mother is also wrong. The truth is that if the mother performs an abortion on herself to save her life then it is not a serious case of abortion. When the mother does this

it is in the form of self-defense. People have the right to do what they want and if it is abortion then they have the right to do so.

In this case, there are two different scenarios, one who threatens the life of the other and one who is threatened. The two cases have the right to defend themselves and they are both innocent. The author has given the example of the Good Samaritan and how he saved the person who had been wounded. He cared for him until the day he felt better and then released him. This is the same case for the parents who allow the foetus to grow, and when it is born they do not put it for adoption but rather care for it and thus giving it rights and they cannot withdraw the support that they will give it. They also have precautions of not having the child and not cater to it.

Thomson also regards abortion as morally permissible in some circumstances and not all the time. This is brought about by the arguments that have already been stated. He also stated that it is indecent for doctors to perform the act because the mother of the infant does not want to miss any opportunity that comes by like flying on a trip. This is the abortion that takes place when the mother is not in any danger at all. Abortion is acceptable in cases where the mother is in danger. This is the right to secure the death of the mother and not the unborn baby. This is to say that the foetus cannot grow outside the external environment thus it will die. This is to warn the mother that if the foetus is expelled from the womb the chances of survival are zero.

This is to say that abortion is wrong if the mother is not in danger of dying. Thomas argues that the removal of embryos that are just cells is not morally wrong but this is still abortion. This is because the development of the child is not guaranteed and hence the future of the child is killed. This justifies the reason why people should reject abortion. According to Tooley’s argument, he says that an entity does not have the right to live unless it is given the chance to develop and become existent. This is to say that abortion is wrong and that infants have the right to live. The life of the infant can be of benefit as it has the right to live. There are some people who argue that the life of an embryo can be terminated because it has no sentience.

This is because the life that the embryo undergoes is metabolism and this is not the activities that human beings undertake. The life of the embryo has been compared with the life of plants and found that terminating the life of the foetus at this stage is not wrong. He has explained this by saying that the embryo is not a human being as it has not developed fully and also the fact that the processes it operates cannot be compared to those of human beings. Abortion is wrong but the use of contraceptives is not wrong. According to research, most people go for abortion is because the baby is unwanted or did not come at the right time expected. The use of contraceptives prevents the occurrence of the foetus and not death as many people argue.