Administrative Health Care in the United States

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We may define Health Care in terms of prevention, cure, and treatment of an illness or disease and the prevention measures and services offered to counteract such illness by the medical health profession. By quality health care, we mean that correct treatment at the right time is being provided to the person who is suffering from any particular sickness or disease and having the best possible results. In other words, Health care means all the goods and services designed to promote proper health, preventive measures, and curative interventions, given to individuals or to a number of people. This constitutes a health care system. Health care is perhaps the hottest issue around the world nowadays. Many people demand universal health care, while others believe that further privatization is the way to go.

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Problem or objective

One of the major problems with health care issues is that the governments have not necessarily done a good and fair job to develop the health care system. It is the most essential issue to deal with in view of every individual. In past years the issue of Health care has not been fairly addressed. This has led created frustration among people who are concerned about escalating prices for prescription drugs and higher premiums for less coverage. In addition, healthcare providers often have to deal with the issue of situations demanding concentration, especially in such a case where there is inadequate information, limited availability of resources, and the burden of information.

Data collection methods and analysis

There was a series of data collection methods carried out on the basis of strong evidence such as literature reviews and authentic articles. Moreover, other statistical methods were also used, for instance, analyzing those studies available in an inappropriate manner.

Literature review

Measures such as working with medical online Libraries to complete a systematic review of the literature addressing the clinical, financial, and organizational value of Health Care where we also searched trade press and online sources were adopted. We found few sources targeting Health care values specifically. The article in focus is, ‘The Quality of Health Care Delivered to Adults in the United States (Elizabeth A. McGlynn). It focuses on the standards of Health Care provided in the United States. Based on the research, the writer tends to evaluate the recent quality care given t the individuals.


The article was based on the analysis of the quality health care service provided in the United States. Several data collection techniques were adopted such as telephone and written consent of the people living in almost 12 urban areas. This was done in order to evaluate the quality of care provided to them. They were asked about their health care treatment experiences and observations. Hence, based on their experiences and observation, the standards of Health Care in the US were evaluated. Medical reports were reviewed for a two-year period in order to examine the quality and preventive care for several chronic diseases.

It was observed that 54.9 percent of the people receive recommended care. However, there was a slight variance in the percentage of people receiving health care treatment in terms of different categories of health care. However, there was a remarkable variance noticed in the quality of care provided to the individuals. The percentage fluctuated between 78 percent of recommended care for senile cataracts and approximately 10 percent of recommended care for alcohol dependence.

While analyzing other articles we come to know the wide range of problems related to health care. In order to deal with such problems in the US, in the 20th century, National Health reform campaigns were carried out whose main aim was to focus on the immediate changes that could take place instead of emphasizing on correcting and modifying the Health Care system. On the other hand, there are certain labor organizations that fight for the right to proper health care treatment and various reforms to be implemented.

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Another aspect worth consideration is the high treatment expenses of chronic diseases which makes insurance unaffordable. According to a survey held lately, approximately 70 percent of treatment is offered towards curing chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes. Such diseases are more often related to acts such as obesity or smoking which could be prevented. Hence, patients who try to overcome such chronic problems, tend to lower down their own expenses.


According to the article reviewed above, the deficits noted pose great difficulties for the people living in America. However, certain strategies must be adopted to resolve and minimize such issues. Thus, healthcare is very necessary for every country and the people who are suffering. These include children, adults, males, females, insured, uninsured, and more. Although there are a number of problems associated with the expenses of the treatment of sickness, Healthcare is essential for the survival of the human race as it involves cure and prevention. However, new measures and policies must be implemented in order to solve the health issues of every individual and save the sufferers.


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