Advanced Practice Nursing and New Initiatives

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An advanced practice nurse must provide high standards of care for any patient. The utmost professionalism and personal approach to caregiving are expected from the advanced nursing staff (Carney, 2016). Therefore, I need to participate in the Medicare Reimbursement Program to be adequately prepared for the provision of care in the new contemporary environment. That is why this work will thoroughly discuss the initiatives from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the implementation of those initiatives in my practice.

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Evidence-based Protocols in My Practice

Evidence-based practice is an important part of the contemporary nursing paradigm. Nursing duties are full of uncertain moments and volatile situations; therefore, to respond to such challenges, a professional nurse must always improve her/his practice (Stasa, Cashin, Buckley, & Donoghue, 2014). An advanced practice nurse must always be in a state of constant learning because the patient-centered approach to nursing can only be developed through rich experience (Walker & Polancich, 2015). The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality emphasizes the principle of constant preparedness. It is expected of me to be ready to perform an evidence-based assessment and to be able to adopt it in critical situations. I believe it is a very important principle since it builds professional integrity in nursing staff.

This principle is implemented through various protocols of the Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes project to provide a flexible form of care for various kinds of environments. This system of protocols can help me to develop an evidence-based approach even to the most unusual nursing cases. Another protocol that can be extensively used in my advanced nursing practice is the Re-Engineered Discharge protocol. This protocol implements a thorough communication system and helps to plan a perfect discharge method for any patient. This can help the nursing staff to work more efficiently when developing the patient-centered approach for their evidence-based practice.

Team STEPPS System

The Team STEPPS initiative is the working framework for the nursing staff that facilitates the development of the patient-centered approach to nursing. It is the management system that emphasizes cooperation and communication to achieve the best possible outcome for any patient. This system optimizes the use of information between the members of the medical staff, improves the team’s awareness, and helps to properly manage the clinical resources.

The Team STEPPS system outlines multiple important goals in its management program. The first objective of this system is to assess the need for innovation. The proper evaluation of the medical staff’s capabilities will help to understand how much of the current system will require changes for the better optimization of the clinical process. The second important objective is the strategic implementation of the STEPPS system. It consists of both planning and execution. The STEPPS model is tailored specifically for each organization, so the individualistic approach to its implementation must be invented. The third major objective is the development of a sustainable system. The Team STEPPS system always strives to provide opportunities to improve the professional skills of medical staff; it works with multiple feedback systems and builds an interactive working environment. With such objectives in mind, the Team STEPPS system can be useful in my clinical setting. Meticulous evaluation of caregiving service, strategic management of nursing staff, and innovative environment will help me to eliminate various patient errors.


As an advanced practice nurse, I must provide competent and operative care to my patients. To improve me as a professional I enrolled in the Medicare Reimbursement Program. I extensively studied the initiatives from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the place of those initiatives in my advanced practice. This experience will help me to improve my approach to caregiving in the modern medical setting. I believe that the Team STEPPS initiative is an innovative approach to nursing and will serve greatly for many medical care providers.


Carney, M. (2016). Regulation of advanced nurse practice: Its existence and regulatory dimensions from an international perspective. Journal of Nursing Management, 24(1), 105-114.

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