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The paper introduces a sophisticated analysis of the maternity-related issues as well as childbearing policies in the USA. The American documentary “Born in the USA” serves as a material for the study. The film reveals some crucial specifications of pregnancy, giving birth to a child and raising an offspring in the United States. Specifically, it verifies a general assumption, according to which American obstetricians possess a worldwide recognition, due to their proficiency (Wagner, 2008, p. 4). Moreover, the paper reviews such issues as pregnancy surveillance, midwives’ duties, and maternity education.

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Monitoring Techniques: Time Economy or Neglect

Due to the documentary, the process of childbearing in America is long technology-driven. The method of distanced monitoring of women provides the hospitals’ staff with an opportunity to save much time since the technique does not require the constant presence of nurses in the patients’ rooms. In fact, American clinical environments can not afford to provide every woman with a personal nurse. That is why, monitoring proves to be time- and cost-effective. The third advantage of the distanced surveillance accounts for legal considerations. Thus, the professionals state that electronic devices assist in providing the reliable proofs of medical workers’ performance. Consequently, if there arises any conflict between the patient and a particular medical worker or a clinic, electronic data serves as a reliable backup for the latter at the court (Jarmel, 2007). Nevertheless, it may be argued that such approach can be a barrier between the women, who need constant psychological support and the staff of an establishment. Moreover, it is often stated that the hospitals’ workers are likely to be distracted from the monitoring, which can lead to the damaging consequences. Therefore, it can be profitable to combine distanced surveillance with a constant presence or, at least, regular visits of nurses.

Midwife as an Honorable Profession

One can trace a favorable attitude of the picture’s producer to the midwife’s occupation. In the USA, the position of midwives is often disreputable since the communities of multiple states discard the profession as a legal activity. It is often assumed that the occupation can not be referred to medical practices or health care, for midwives are constantly on the road, and they have no opportunities to acquire sufficient clinical experience (Feldhusen, 2010). However, the producer of the film depicts a midwife as a friendly and hard-working professional, who is responsible not only for pregnancy monitoring procedures but for at-home mentoring and psychological counseling as well. Consequently, it should be emphasized that a midwifery specialist has to possess multiple occupational and personal traits. Thus, according to Cragin (2010), a high-qualified midwife is characterized by three substantial skills: the ability to support a harmony between body and mind, the proficiency in conditions investigation, and interventional competence (p. 382).

It is acknowledged that professional in-clinic consultancies are often quite cost-consuming for many American families. Therefore, midwifery serves as an efficient way of helping people, who can not afford visiting doctors on a regular basis.

Maternity Instructions as a Vehicle of Childbearing Education

One of the characters of the reviewed documentary performs the role of a maternity educator, which provides an American couple with the crucial guidelines on childbearing. Naturally, a pregnancy evolves as a life-changing activity that alters lives of two people. Therefore, both father and mother have to be involved in a process of gaining parenting education so that to be well-informed on the possible challenges and pressures of future experiences. The programs of educational parenting target not only the states of pregnancy and the process of childbearing, but a postpartum period as well (Jefferson University Hospitals, 2013). It is crucial for the young people, who face pregnancy for the first time to be ready for the pitfalls of parenting in the initial stages. Therefore, the motion picture supports the idea of maternity education serving a guarantee of parents’ emotional stability and endurance.

Obstetricians’ Proficiency as a Key Part of Childbearing

The central character of the film “Born in the USA”, who describes her experience of giving birth to a child in American hospital, emphasizes that the success of the procedure was partly stipulated by the role of her obstetrician in it. Thus, the woman states that the professional who handles childbearing establishes a strong emotional connection with a patient in the initial stages of their acquaintance, which promotes a feeling of security and harmony. The character’s recollections account for a hearty atmosphere that encompassed the room when she was giving birth to her offspring.

Indeed, it is claimed that American obstetricians possess the highest professional recognition due to their profound competencies and knowledge. Thus, the specialists are trained not only in the patients care and medical operations, but on the cross-cultural understanding techniques, as well as in-process support, and post-mentoring (Doctors without borders, 2012).

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To sum it up, the documentary “Born in the USA” provides an elaborate account of American childbearing system’s peculiarities. Primarily, the picture discloses the advantages of the US medical quality by dwelling on the occupational proficiency and high-value standards that are supported by in-hospital professionals.


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