Approaches to Improving Emotional Health of Nurses

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Nurses experience various cases during their practice that may be detrimental to their emotional well-being. In my practice, it was difficult to handle with a great amount of work and do extra hours. Stress driven by working hours made me and my peers experience burn out. By such constant stressful working conditions, nurses can be unmotivated to care patients. To reduce the amount of stress of nurses, there are different workshops that are provided for nurses. For example, Ravari et al. (2020) examine the effectiveness of time management workshops on job stress of nurses working in emergency departments.

They found that such sessions on time management do not reduce stress of nursing practice in the emergency departments. Yet, other scholars, Hersch et al. (2016) conducted randomized control trail with 104 nurses in five hospitals in Virginia and one in New York. They reported that web-based program called REATHE: Stress Management for Nurses have a positive impact on reducing the stress of nurses. Therefore, it can be said that due to their content, some programs work well in maintaining emotional well-being of nurses, while other are not.

Other factors that can lessen the amount of stress are related to the working environment. Johansen and Cadmus (2016) claim that a supportive work environment and avoidant conflict management style applied by the administration are the most effective ways of preventing stress in nursing practice. They suggest that with the effective conflict resolution methods along with a friendly workplace contribute to the nurses’ emotional health by enhancing communication.


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