Nursing: “Transforming Care at the Bedside” Video

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The video by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (2009) shows a good example of implementations to improve the performance of nursing staff. In the video, we can see different strategies used to organize the healthcare process. The status board with three color indicators is used to highlight the workload status of every nurse (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2009). In case of an emergency, nurses are available to help each other. Moreover, this color code is implemented in work with patients as well. For example, red socks are a sign that the patient is unable to move by himself and needs assistance (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2009). On the other hand, to improve communication and trust between healthcare workers and patients they use a board to obtain a critical response from the patient. In my opinion, techniques used in the video help to enhance teamwork as well as communication between staff and patients.

Even though strategies were introduced in 2009, they could be applied in recent practice. Nevertheless, organizational aspects of the work could be automized using modern technologies. The strategy I want to offer relies on the use of time-management apps. It would be a great option to have detailed instructions shared by all medical staff with notifications. For example, the patient assigned under my revision would have a special time and order in the schedule with a detailed list of operations. Based on my experience, it is sometimes complicated to follow the pattern of organization. Therefore, during first steps having a shared base of tasks and responsibilities could help to organize work efficiently. In addition, this program to be introduced on a laptop or smartphone should represent the status as mentioned in the video. Of course, it is impossible to predict and organize everything perfectly because of emergency cases. Anyway, the organizational system with specified tasks would be helpful.


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