Cabarrus Memorial Hospital’s Strategic Management

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Organizations need to take the concept of strategic management seriously if they are to achieve this business aims. Such a process should attract all key stakeholders and leaders to ensure that timely results are recorded. The idea of change management and implementation begins with the identification of existing problems and gaps that could be affecting the targeted outcomes. In this paper, the issues recorded at the Cabarrus Memorial Hospital are analyzed and why there is need for the proposed new service or program.

Additional Service

The emerging issue from this case study is that Cabarrus Memorial Hospital is presently lacking a program for open heart surgery. Consequently, patients in need of such services and coronary angioplasty are usually referred to other medical facilities. Such a process is a leading cause of inconveniences for patient’s family members while at the same delaying the period is taken to receive personalized and timely medical support (Campbell & Caldwell, 2008). While focusing on the best strategies to deal with this present problem, the relevant leaders are concerned about the existing factors and the ability to meet the minimum requirements for the relevant certificate of need (CON). These aspects explain why CMH is considering this additional service to improve patients’ medical experiences.

Hospital and Community

The hospital and the respective members of the board are the ones who are expected to analyze the current situations in the hospitals and the gaps affecting the quality of medical services available to the targeted patients. This means that the hospital is need of the proposed program because it will be able to coordinate the nature of medical services and ensure more patients record positive health outcomes (Alomran, 2019). Similarly, the community would need such a service since most of the patients expect to receive the relevant surgery from this hospital. Additionally, community members are key stakeholders who will always seek medical services from CMH.

Important Characteristics

Patients in need of open heart surgeries will tend to consider various characteristics before making their decisions. The first one is that the facility should be certified by the relevant agencies and government departments. For the case of CMH, there is a need to get the relevant CON. The second one is for the hospital to have experienced surgeons who can perform the procedures more efficiently. This requirement explains why the facility needs to encourage Dr. R. S. Christy to join the staff once he completes his fellowship in the field of cardiovascular surgery (Campbell & Caldwell, 2008). Another characteristic is that a culture of safety should be associated with the facility. The consideration of various citification and recognitions would be essential, such as the Magnet Status Recognition. Finally, the hospital should have the relevant modern resources and leadership arrangements to maximize patient confidence.

Financial Viability

The move for this hospital to providing the targeted service means that most of the patients will not have to be referred to other facilities. The organization will improve its services and attract more patients within the first year. The hospital will not have to hire or employ an additional number of surgeons. These developments will be recorded while maximizing the level of income or profits. The initial costs needed would be the ones for purchasing the intended machines and resources to support the process. This one-time investment would allow the institution to get increased revenues from the visiting patients (Demir & Ugurluoglu, 2019). Others will also be referred to seek services from the facility. The acquired revenues from the services available from the facility would be appropriate and adequate to cover most of the costs incurred while offering the intended services. Consequently, the hospital will record positive financial results and eventually become more sustainable in the region.

Three Instance

The move to launch the open heart surgery is capable of presenting several benefits. However, some things or instances could go wrong at this facility. First, the move could result in a scenario whereby the organization will focus on the new service and ignore the other procedures. This new focus could disorient the quality of medical services and affect the ranking of the facility. Second, the presented case reveals that the institution might encounter some challenges while trying to get the right professionals to offer the new service (Alomran, 2019). This challenge could delay the program or fail to meet the demands of more patients. Third, surgeries tend to be risky and capable of resulting in errors. These outcomes would translate to increased lawsuits and complaints from patients’ family members and other members of the society.


The above discussion has described how the absence of a surgery program at CMH is affecting patients’ experiences. The outlined process for identifying and implementing the most appropriate solution resonates with the concept of strategic management. Leaders in medical facilities should consider some of the recorded issues and identify practical solutions to address them. The analyzed case explains why the involvement of all key stakeholders will support the delivery of sustainable results.


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