Healthcare Systems: The Seven Main Problems

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Healthcare systems are complex frames, which require the implementation of elaborate strategies to contribute to the development. It is especially urgent for the management bodies since they are responsible for the decisions made and the strategies implemented. Therefore, today, one can identify seven main problems leadership faces in the healthcare sector, the solution of which is a complex process.

Moreover, these seven problems are interconnected, thus, dealing with one problem cannot occur without the solution of another. Thus, there are seven urgent issues that all healthcare leaders are facing: political, financial, demographic, epidemiological, customer expectations, technological, and workforce problems (Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 2017). Healthcare is a dominant political issue in most of countries, and the economics are tough, moreover, aging of the population cause changing epidemiology. Further, people expect more from healthcare than the leadership can provide them, and there are some changes in technologies and the workforce.

Talking about the ranking of these challenges, one may assume that the financial issue is the most important. With proper funding of any healthcare system, it will be easy for authorities to solve any problem. It is formulated by the fact that even if one considers the political issue the most crucial, it still causes financial difficulties. Thus, one may notice that financial issue is the foundation of the political problem, therefore, it is the essential point.

In this regard, it would be handy to determine the best leadership style to meet the challenges. Democratic or participative leadership applies consulting of authorities with subordinates while formulating plans and strategies (Demirtas & Karaca, 2020). Thereby, one may propose that this leadership style would be the most appropriate to deal with challenges. It is constituted by having the possibility to consider many options from personnel, which may be useful.


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