Child Vaccinations and Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Anti-vaccination is a highly debated topic currently in Western public discourse. Moreover, the anti-vaccine movement continues to grow. According to Hussain et al., “there have been recent trends of parents in Western countries refusing to vaccinate their children” (1475). It is necessary to research the topic to grasp the dispute’s essence between ordinary people and the scientific community. In this work, the arguments for and against anti-vaccination will be described.

Arguments For

Some of the anti-vaccination movement arguments do make one wonder. One of them is that even despite being vaccinated, children are still getting sick from the diseases they were vaccinated against (Boulanger). Another valid point is that thimerosal, “a mercury-based preservative that was thought to cause autism,” stopped being used in MMR vaccines immediately after the public hysteria about MMR vaccines and Autism (Boulanger). It can be said that these facts can cast doubt in the mind of one.

Arguments Against

It is safe to say that the scientific community’s counter-arguments outweigh the arguments of the anti-vaccination movement, although their fears are clear. One is that many between MMR vaccines and Autism (Boulanger). The thimerosal mentioned above was also not a contributing factor to the onset of Autism (Boulanger). Boulanger also notes that other components of the vaccine were proven non-contributors to Autism as well. Interestingly, a correlation and causation were found between the rise of the anti-vaccination movement and measles outbreaks (Hussain et al. 1475). The proponents and supporters of this community are potential disseminators of dangerous diseases, and therefore their actions increase the rate of child deaths. It is seen that counter-arguments of pro-vaccination proponents are evidence-based and more valid.

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