Deming’s Philosophy in the Healthcare Sector

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The importance of TQM is evidenced by the fact that there are multiple attempts to expand this idea and introduce additional dimensions and visions that can help to attain better results and increase the flexibility available to managers. For instance, Deming’s philosophy is one of the frameworks that help to implement TQM in the functioning of various organizations and industries. Trying to improve the outcomes of the TQM model’s implementation, Deming offered 14 major points that became a standard for quality transformation and the functioning of organizations. These include:

  • Creation of purpose for improving offered services
  • Adoption of a new vision
  • Avoid using inspections as the major quality improvement tool
  • Improve working with suppliers
  • Create a constantly improving approach for planning, production, and service
  • Use training
  • Focus on leadership
  • Eliminate the fear of change
  • Destroy barriers between workers
  • Avoid using slogans
  • Do not use numerical goals
  • Eliminate the merit system
  • Create opportunities for self-improvement for everyone
  • Guarantee that everyone works to transform a company.

The given principles can be considered fundamental for any organization that adheres to the major assumptions of TQM and plans to improve services offered to its clients. For the healthcare sector, Deming’s philosophy is one of the central paradigms that should be employed by units with the primary goal to improve their functioning and ensure that patients benefit from the quality of provided services and improved outcomes. For instance, speaking about a specific medical unit, it is possible to state that the 14 points outlined above are employed to create an environment for positive change. The facility accepts a new philosophy presupposing the constant improvement of the quality of treatment by assessing patients’ needs and enhancing the skills of all specialists who are involved in providing care to patients. Under these conditions, Deming’s philosophy becomes an important framework that affects the work of the healthcare sector and improves the implementation of TQM practices there.