Organizational Theory Applied to a Healthcare Organization

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I am currently doing my practicum in a nonprofit health organization. This clinic has adopted a powerful organizational structure. This structure makes it easier for the clinic to provide the best care to its patients. The organization’s Chief Health Manager monitors the activities undertaken by different practitioners. Every department has a competent Health Leader (HL). This leader coordinates the best medical practices. There are several Nurse Leaders (NLs) who monitor the performance of different practitioners. Every member of staff is empowered in order to make the best decisions. The facility uses a horizontal organizational structure in order to empower every medical practitioner. The hospital’s organizational chart makes it easier for many nurse practitioners (NPs) to achieve their goals. The organization also promotes the best reporting processes. Every leader plays the role of a motivator.

The Human Relations Theory is evident in this facility. The Chief Health Manager embraces the spirit of teamwork. This practice makes it easier for different teams to address their challenges. Teamwork also empowers many caregivers from different cultural backgrounds. This practice makes it easier for the institution to offer culturally-competent care. The theory also “promotes various practices such as participative management, decision-making, and social interaction.” This theory has made it possible for nonprofit organizations to achieve their goals. Every medical practitioner should be empowered in order to achieve the targeted health goals. Nurse Practitioners (NPs) should use the best organizational theories and practices. I am planning to join more health institutions in order to improve my nursing competencies.