Development in Research and Nursing

One of the key events that influenced development of research in nursing is the work of Florence Nightingale (Robinson 2007). While she was working with wounded soldiers during “Crimean War”, she discovered that hygiene, contamination of water and sanitation had a significant effect, mental and physical, on the patients (Forest, 2006). After her analysis on the morbidity and mortality of the soldiers during this war, there was a total change in the way the sick were cared for (Burns & Grove, 2003). It was realized that even the sick have the rights just like the other healthy people.

These rights include adequate food, shelter and the right to medical attention. After her awareness, there was a reduction in the mortality rate of the soldiers from 43% to 2% (Burns & Grove, 2003). She then wrote a book on nursing giving details on her experience during the cold war.

From her work, there was a tremendous research carried out on water testing, there was improved sanitation and reduced mortality (Burns & Grove, 2003). She later founded the Nightingale School and Home for Nurses at St. Thomas’s Hospital, London in 1860 (Forest 2006). This school was meant to train nurses who would then train others on the aspects of good nursing based on her experience with the soldiers in the cold war. She went on to give her vision, mission and values that are salutary in nursing.

As a result of her theoretical and practical view on nursing, there is a tremendous change in how nurses carry out their duties. She fought for the patient’s well being by provision of better healthcare regardless of their economic status. She also noted that hygiene was key in ascertaining that the patient recuperates faster without which more deaths would be dominant. Her advocacy on training led to the establishment of nursing bodies which oversee that nurses are qualified to offer nursing services to the patients.

In conclusion, Nightingale’s contribution in nursing had an immense paradigm shift in the field and the success of the same field is largely owed to her tireless efforts.


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