Different Types of Personnel in the United States Health Care System

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The US health care system consists of physicians, nurses, dentists, and orthoptists as well as psychiatrists and clinical psychologists among others. Physicians are important in the health care system since they examine the sick, organize and carry out diagnostic procedures and interpret the findings to provide treatment. In addition, they advise patients on cleanliness, proper nutrition, and strategies for preventing diseases. On the other hand, psychiatrists treat mental disorders by combining approaches like psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and hospitalization as well as medication. Mental patients may at times require the services of a clinical psychologist.

Clinical psychologists are individuals in health care systems who work to minimize agony and provide emotional support to the patients. These individuals employ psychological and research techniques when treating patients. They provide a wide variety of therapies. On the other hand, nurses are responsible for administering medication, injections, and treatment under the guidance of qualified doctors. More so, they can carry out minor surgeries and prescribe drugs to clients. Additionally, nurses ensure that patients receive proper medication and teach patients’ relatives how to care for the sick.

Other individuals of importance in the health care system are dentists and orthoptists. Dentists are individuals who provide primary care to the client’s mouth. They diagnose, treat, and mend ailments like teeth cavities and gum diseases. In addition, they provide artificial replacements for lost teeth and educate patients on how to maintain mouth hygiene. Conversely, orthoptists are concerned with the treatment of eye problems. As such, they examine, test, and provide medication for sight-related ailments, improper movement, or unusual positioning of the eye.