Has the Hippocratic Oath Become the Hypocrite Oath?

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While the Hippocratic Oath was written over 2000 years ago and taken by medical practitioners to express their dedication to practicing medicine in an ethical and honest manner, it is still held as sacred by physicians today. However, I am of the opinion that the Hippocratic Oath has become the hypocrite oath since medical practitioners affirm that they abide by the oath, but their actions are to the contrary. For one, the Hippocratic Oath implies that medical practitioners should be truthful and that patients should be given the necessary information concerning their treatment. American Nurses Association notes that many medical professionals today are not truthful to their patients concerning the health care services they provide to them. This is especially so because about a third of these services do not improve the health of the patient.

Another reason why I think that the Hippocratic Oath has become the hypocrite oath is that medical practitioners sometimes do not demonstrate integrity. The oath also states that the physician will at all times exhibit professional integrity. The integrity of medical professionals is compromised by their association with pharmaceutical companies. Cousins reveals that because of the close relationships that some doctors and hospitals have with pharmaceutical companies, they may be biased in suggesting treatment options. Due to the bias, the doctor may not be acting in the best interest of the patient but instead reciprocating the good deeds done for him or his hospital by the pharmaceutical company.