Effective Communication With Members of the Healthcare Team

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According to observations patients in rooms 349, 339D, 343D, 341D, and 347D had BTH/SHWR in the morning. At the same time, in the afternoon, BTH/SHWR was seen in patients in rooms 335W 341W. Additionally, in the morning, it was noticed that Krist’s patient was coded. As a result, the respiratory team arrived as his respiration was 32. Therefore, the patient was referred to the intensive care unit.

At the same time, responsibilities were delegated as follows. Anh and Hunter were left to look after the more stable patients and help them if needed. Lania and Ragan continuously monitored the patient in room 350. Sarah and Lusharia did artificial pulmonary ventilation by compressing the chest before resorting to defibrillation. Nicolas, Krist, and Arry were checking the heart rate and constantly monitoring that vomit does not appear in the mouth and nasopharynx. After a general round was made, which provides for the examination of all patients in the department, it is made from bed to bed. Such a round makes it possible to examine all patients in the department (Creagh-Bandera et al., 2020). At the same time, the round was performed in the morning, afternoon, and evening. All comments from patients were listened to, and necessary actions were taken.

Effective communication with members of the healthcare team was carried out continuously. The current condition of the patients and further actions were discussed. At the same time, any participant could express their point of view and propose a solution. What is more, as questions arose within the department, responses and discussions were prompt, helping to keep staff at peak performance levels. Participated in all aspects of unit management, from assigning responsibilities and organizing workflow to document control. I am proud that I could organize a workflow in which one employee can help another. Moreover, the team members listened to my opinion, which shows a good leader. In the future, I would change the wording of the tasks to be more apparent to make the workflow run faster.


Creagh-Bandera, R., Creagh-Bandera, F., Cazull-Imbert, I., & Creagh-Cazull, A. (2020). Patient round from a medical and pedagogical point of view. Revista Información Científica, 99(6), 563-571.