Emergency Medical Care Employees in Kentucky and Nevada

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An emergency is a situation that is likely to cause harm or risk that is immediate to people’s life, their health and property or even the environment. Most emergencies always need immediate intervention so that the situation is not made worse. Some emergencies always qualify automatically as emergencies while others need an evaluation to be determined if they are really emergencies. Emergency services are the organizations and agencies that respond to emergencies.

Different emergency services respond to different emergencies due to their specialties for example the fire department responds only to fire related emergencies. Emergency medical care is an emergency service that provides medical care out of the hospital or provides transport to medical centers for medical emergencies. Pre-hospital emergency care is the care that is given to patients of emergencies before they are taken to hospital. Emergency medical technicians and paramedics are the medical officers and nurses that give pre-hospital care or that provide emergency care during emergencies

Pre-hospital care in Kentucky and Nevada

The emergency care services in Kentucky are under the Kentucky Board of Nursing and the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services and the regulations and rules regarding the emergency care in Kentucky are drawn from the boards. Pre-hospital emergency in Kentucky are provided to all the citizens of the commonwealth countries that live in Kentucky. The emergency medical care is provided by qualified employees who are very competent and who work as a team to provide care that both at an advanced level or that is at a basic level in the pre-hospital environment. The technicians who involve in emergency care are emergency medical technicians, paramedics, nurses and physicians. These technicians are also governed by the two boards.

Fiala (2006) states that Emergency services in Kentucky include ambulance services and under the ambulance services we can have ground ambulance, air ambulance and mobile ambulance. The pre-hospital care in Kentucky involves a lot of money because of the necessary equipment that is required like medicine and ambulances and even the salary paid to the technicians and therefore there is a heavy investment in pre-hospital care in Nevada because it is pre-hospital care that saves many lives or determines if a patient in an emergency will survive.

Pre-hospital care in Nevada does not have much difference. The emergency services in Nevada are under the committee of emergency services under the state of Nevada health division. In Nevada any technicians who want to become Emergency care technicians must pass the national registry test for certification purposes. Wheeler (1995) postulates that the Nevada state fire department is the primary provider of emergency care in Nevada. However there are other small agencies and organizations who are working either independently or in collaboration with the state of Nevada to provide emergency care.

Emergency care in Nevada is given to all citizens of the state of Nevada. There is also a lot of funding or money that has been drawn towards emergency care in Nevada. This is because emergency care is very important and is the determinant of whether a patient in an emergency situation will survive or not. It should therefore be budgeted appropriately and given reasonable funds for its operations. The funds will go to the equipment used during emergencies like ambulances and to medicine and other medicinal products like bandages that is used during the emergency care process. The salaries of emergency technicians should also be considered and they should also be reasonable enough considering that the emergency situations are so bad and it requires a lot of confidence and patience and a lot of courage to manage emergency situations. The pre-hospital care in both states is almost the same apart from a few differences like in Nevada, the emergency technicians have to pass the national registry test for certification purposes and this is not relevant in Kentucky where only the skills and qualifications are necessary. Another difference is that in Kentucky, emergency services is given to only commonwealth citizens while in Nevada it is given to all the citizens of Nevada. There are however a lot of similarities for example in both states, there is a lot of investment on emergency services and also the emergency technicians should have the same skills and qualifications and they should be competent in order to provide emergency services

Life insurance for workers in Nevada and Kentucky

Life insurance is the protection against income loss incase of death, illness or disability. The emergency medical technicians globally are always on the move due to many emergency situations that occur. Their lives are always in danger because some emergency situations like fire are always dangerous and can harm them. The emergency technicians in Kentucky are provided with a full life insurance that protects them and their immediate families incase of danger. The insurance policy provided to them is sometimes a group policy which is cheaper or an individual policy which is expensive and the policies always depend on the type of emergency that an emergency technician is dealing with. A group insurance policy is mostly used to save money. The life insurance policy for emergency workers is not any different in the state of Nevada. Emergency workers in Nevada are also covered under an insurance policy to protect them in case of an injury in the course of duty or death and also to protect their families in case of any of the two situations.

Salaries of emergency medical technicians in Kentucky and Nevada

The salary of an emergency technician will depend on his qualification, any previous experiences, the job location and other variable factors. Emergency technicians have different specialties. Fiala (2006) indicate that First responders in Kentucky are mostly the firefighters and policemen and those with basic qualifications earn between four thousand to seven thousand dollars in a month. The highly qualified employees will probably earn more. The emergency employees in state of Nevada are not different. Their salaries will depend on the level of qualification, the physical location and the type of work that they do.

Number of emergency cases in Kentucky and Nevada

Emergency services in Kentucky cover so many counties. National Association of EMS Physicians (2009) state that President Obama added thirty two counties to Kentucky’s emergency services and now they are ninety three. Kentucky therefore deals with a lot of emergencies yearly due to its weather, its terrain and the location and its size. Nevada also deals with a lot of emergencies but they are not so many due to its size and the counties they cover are fewer. Its location and terrain is also not prone to many natural disasters


Emergency services are very important in every state and country and there should be some reasonable amount of funding that is drawn towards it


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