Nurses Promoting Wellness in Older Adults

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Older adults are individuals who portray unique and complex characteristics that are mostly influenced by internal and external factors. Nurses are therefore required to be competent in order to address the unique care needs of older adults. Nurses play a major role in implementing nursing interventions and evaluating the effectiveness of the interventions (Miller, 2008).

Interventions that promote the physical well being of older adults include; screening programs, which allow for the early detection of and hence treatment of conditions that are detectable. Furthermore, risk reduction interventions, which are activities geared towards reducing the possibility of disease conditions to develop, are very vital. In addition, environmental modifications are necessary for the reduction of risk and improvement of the functioning of an individual. Lastly, health education is important because it teaches people to engage in self care activities that are preventive. Such activities may include; nutrition, exercises, dental care and many others.

Interventions that can be used by nurses to address the psychosocial aspect in older adults such as dilemmas, substance abuse, depression and neglect may include; teaching and counseling the older adults. Other health interventions applicable to older adults may in some cases involve; addressing their pain and comfort concerns and issues pertaining to multiple medications (Miller, 2008).

Older adults are frail and delicate to handle, it is therefore the responsibilities of the caregivers and nurses to implement interventions that address their physical and psychosocial well being that will help manage their diverse and unique conditions.


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