Excessive Alcohol Use and Move to Healthy Lifestyle

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Two challenges may be faced while speaking with Steve about the correlation between his health and his drinking habits. First of all, it is difficult to convince the addicted that he is suffering from alcoholism. For example, Steve considers himself a social drinker, even though he has been arrested for driving while intoxicated. A person is not aware of alcohol addiction and may not recognize it in conversations with medical specialists. The second one concerns his health condition, particularly diabetes and drinking habits. If Steve consumes alcohol and drugs for diabetes that lower the body’s sugar level, hypoglycemia may develop, including severe forms, leading to adverse consequences, including coma. It is crucial to prove to Steve that his health condition is in danger, and to prevent underestimating the current state.

Concerning the ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the first is to remove alcohol and chemical decomposition products from the blood; detoxification is required. It is provided in a hospital for 3-5 days, which should be conducted urgently, as diabetes can be fatal in terms of addiction. Steve can contact a medical institution since the dependence of an alcoholic is physical and psychological, mainly due to Steve’s hereditary background. At the first signs of improvement, a person will probably start drinking, so detoxification can be ineffective at home.

The second way is group therapy for alcoholism, which is also effective. When a person has left the clinic at a later stage, such communities can be supportive and encourage methods to prevent a bout of heavy drinking. The third solution is to arrange psychotherapeutic sessions as in the treatment of alcoholism, the motivation of the patient himself is crucial. Steve’s internal attitude towards treatment and a favorable outcome is critical, so encouraging positive behavior change is primarily to help him find another passion and interest. If a psychologist manages to discover a person’s hidden talent, the patient may lose the desire to drink. Steve has a genetic predisposition to alcohol dependence; therefore, narcologists and psychotherapists should provide long-term treatment.