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Did you ever think about the post managerial or post organizational era in nursing management? Well, think about it in ten to twenty years in the future. The scoop of nursing management lays no foundation for further errors and obsolete achievements. In essence, the skills and experiences being attained in this management are appreciated in a fast manner. As we attribute this to the improved education and training techniques, great achievements in information technology (IT), and advancing governing strategies that fight such vices as corruption, this article will review personalized contributions on this issue. In a bid to perform this task, the article will project an anticipated trend of nursing management in 10-20 years to come.

From the Past

Understanding the state of nursing management within the past ten years will lay grounds for other achievements expected in the future. When Apollo 8 arose as the first object to orbit the moon, people thought that Sir Isaac Newton was the controller. This implies that the founder is not necessarily the person to implement. Therefore, the implementation undergoes many modifications trying to strengthen the strategies initiated by the founder. Subsequently, the strategies applied in the management had insignificant variances and followed analogous systems. This tradition of nursing management will be passed through generations in the managerial sector through training and education. Moreover, the unfit strategies of nursing management will be removed and replaced with better and the most productive ones. Ideally, this route of managerial development has a promising future where people work hard to improve the prevailing treatment styles. Ten years ago, the mechanization of industrial produces was ineffective due to such aspects as the lack of capital and modernized machines among others. However, the world has been receiving adequate resources and fast learning techniques with facilitated access to information throughout the globe. People can purchase equipment, machines, and devices through the Internet from most parts of the world. 10-20 years ago, access to global markets was limited and therefore organizations had problems in purchasing the capital such as diagnosis machines and drugs. Consequently, it is apparent to state that the development of nursing management is rooted in time. This implies that the development of nursing management will improve after some time in a similar manner it has advanced today.

Clinical Practices

There are countless changes predicted in respect to the trend of nursing management in the future. For instance, new and untreatable diseases have arisen as great challenges to nursing and medical specialists. This includes the genetic modification of pathogens where they resist drugs through the formation of immune responses that protect them. Moreover, the changes are evident in the study of worms such as flukes and tapeworm. The tapeworms are known to have an integrated survival mechanism that drugs do not cover effectively without posing serious side effects to the affected individual. Nursing management will establish researchers in these areas to release effective drugs with the qualities of efficacy and effectiveness. Moreover, some of the most challenging diseases without treatment strategies are eliciting demand for investigations to release a medical solution. Medical researchers will introduce strong investigation strategies to handle these problems after they arise. Probably, this move will allow the management to curb most life threats related to such diseases as diabetes and AIDS. In essence, the prevailing nursing managements have introduced prevention strategies for promoting good health. For instance, there are water management systems initiated to manage water and its stores. Essentially, water is a core requirement in all living organisms. The mismanagement of this commodity leads to diseases such as typhoid. Pollution is being reduced in all the natural perspectives that reduce human activities and limit the use of some attributes that do not conserve the environment. In this respect, the health of living organisms including human beings will have fewer negative effects. There will be prosperity associated with improved preservation and protection of various aspects associated with human activities. Probably, this strategy will solve the issues that are prevailing in clinical practices.


Essentially, the learning expected in the management of nursing is improved, diverse and integrated due to the availability of information. Moreover, the training strategies are improving concerning the presence of practice facilities and schools that offer credible teaching. The researchers will discover more information and publish it for educational and training purposes. Consequently, the education systems will offer better information in the management of nursing and will participate during the practices.

Nurses will acquire credible experiences and skills to use especially due to the provision of quality working resources. These aspects will enhance the attributes of nursing, such as accuracy and precautions. As a result, the number of deaths associated with arrogance and ignorance will be deprived in the nursing sector.

Flexibility and Autonomy

Nursing is an area that requires specialists who are flexible and broad-minded in decision making associated with time limits, procedures, and information available. The specialists center most of their operations on personal decisions and take charge of their actions at all times. For instance, a nurse can decide to transfuse blood into a patient as the first option in cases of patients involved in fatal vehicle accidents. However, all the transfusion details and analysis to prevent the death of the patient must be collected very fast. Today, the patient’s blood sample is received and taken for laboratory tests. In 10 years, there will be information regarding the blood grouping of each individual recorded soon after birth. People die due to the wastage of time used during the testing. Most police departments have created a system of blood testing where each police officer has an identity card containing their blood group. In this respect, when a police officer is shot during operations, there are higher chances of saving his/her life because the information is readily available. Finally, there are the aspects related to flexibility where a nurse must adjust to the government policies and priorities like the restrictions made in the use of some drugs and response towards emergency cases. As these strategies continue to prevail, the future will be full of retained traditions on life-saving where the subconscious mind understands the norms.


The rise and spread of diseases within the globe are quite overwhelming. Some diseases that are capable of infecting all individuals are known to exist in some regions of the world. However, people are migrating and visiting places throughout the globe in a rapid manner. This implies that infection is known to inhabit some regions of the globe will be present throughout the globe. Therefore, it is anticipated that the development of the diseases associated with the infections will spread and cause unpredictable effects in the future. Nations are trying to control this spread through transport services such as airports and borders. However, the effectiveness of this control is limited because the diagnosis of infections is not assuring. Moreover, the entry to the country cannot be monitored fully. Finally, it is expected that new diseases will arise within the next 10 years similarly that cancerous diseases arose within the last 10 years. Probably, the introduction of nuclear weapons, genetically modified organisms, and depletion of ozone among others will be the cause of these diseases. The hope of people is that science is inevitable and limitless when finding solutions. Science always finds a way out of its miseries through people who never give up their ambitions to prove this point.


The future of nursing management has less or no means of depreciating as long as the human species exist. In one phase, people are creating problems but in the other one, they are establishing ways to fight the wrong outcomes. Researchers are working tirelessly to establish new techniques to treat and heal patients. The cases available for human prevalence are not questionable. Therefore, it is anticipated that nursing development will establish in the future and therefore form solutions for life-saving during medical problems. The tactic of technology initiating resources that are better, automatic, and accurate will facilitate the number of lives saved as compared to today. Finally, it is the role of each individual to improve livelihood and participate in sustainable development either economically or medically. People will have better lives and an improved understanding of the world and how to exploit its resources in a wise manner.