Global Health and Critical Global Health Issues

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Global health refers to the quality of health from a global perspective. Global health is a particular discipline that deals with the development of studies and practices aimed at enhancing the quality of health in the global society. The discipline is actively involved in dealing with health issues that affect the majority of the people in the world. Additionally, global health focuses on ensuring there is equality in access to health care services. The associated authorities in global health are compelled to provide equal access to health care services, especially to the rural communities and the impoverished members of the global society.

The authorities involved in dealing with global health issues normally focus on the health issues that have a political and economic impact on a regional and global scale. For instance, whenever there is an outbreak of an illness that goes across borders in infections, the global health associations integrate efforts in finding a cure and preventing the spread of the illnesses. An example of a recent global health issue is the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa that led to a global panic as new infections were reported in different parts of the world. Such health issues must be addressed appropriately to ensure that the global society is kept safe from dangerous infections. One of the prevailing global health issues is the rise in the cases of cancer, and the lack of knowledge on how to treat different forms of cancer effectively.