Nursing Areas That Require Transformation

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According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), four areas should be transformed in order to improve the quality of care. The “Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) launched a powerful strategy in order to transform the nature of nursing.” The purpose of the initiative was to produce a blueprint for effective nursing. Four key areas were outlined in order to support the future of nursing. According to the report, nurses should always “practice depending on their training.” This area will encourage more nurses to offer advanced care to their patients. They will also support the changing needs of many patients. The second area explains why an improved education system is required in order to empower more nurses. A seamless academic progression will result in newer roles and practices in nursing.

The third area states that nurses should be allowed to collaborate with different practitioners. This practice will redesign the American healthcare sector. This approach will produce better practices and competencies that can improve the quality of care. New teams will emerge, thus supporting the changing health needs of many communities. The fourth recommendation focuses on effective policymaking and workforce planning. This approach will require a proper information infrastructure. The strategy will ensure every caregiver offers evidence-based care. These messages have the potential to transform the quality of American healthcare. The important thing is to encourage more nurses to be part of this transformation. Medical professionals must work together in order to address the existing gaps.