“Hand Washing: An Essential Infection Control Practice”: Article Analysis

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Hands touch unclear surfaces where they get germs which cause infections. Unwashed hands transfer germs to other parts of the body, such as the mouth, ears, eyes, and nose, where they become harmful. Hand washing removes germs from the hands and reduces the chances of being infected (Damilare, 2020). This paper intends to identify an article which can help address the issue of rising rates of infections in an Adult Health Medical-Surgical Hospital Unit.

The article “Hand washing: An essential infection control practice” by Ogundeji Kolawole Damilare can be utterly helpful in the prevention of the spread of germs in the hospital unit. It encourages everyone to understand the science behind hand washing and the associated benefits (Damilare, 2020). I support the article because it explains the need for hand-washing compliance to everyone working in a healthcare facility. It encourages nurses to educate patients and ensure that they comply with the hand-washing protocols. The spread of pathogens affects patient care and increases the rate of hospital readmission and, subsequently, the cost of care. Moreover, the article promotes proper hand-washing methods to hinder the spread of pathogens in a healthcare facility. It discusses issues of concern, such as a review of health regulations and policies, medical professional compliance, and infection control.

Hand washing is an effective method of infection control, which is likely to improve the safety of health providers and patients. Practicing regular hand washing optimizes infection control and lowers microbial load in hospitals. The article by Damilare offers considerable research findings which can support nursing policies and practices. It contains beneficial information which can promote compliance and enable everyone to understand the science behind the hand washing process.


Damilare, O. K. (2020). Hand washing: An essential infection control practice. International Journal of Caring Sciences, 13(1), 776-780.