Nurses’ Role in Emergency Department Management

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Indeed, charge nurses play a huge role in the effective performance and management of emergency departments. Each Registered Nurse must be a competent specialist in his or her field and have a set of well-developed skills to acquire a charge nurse’s position. One of these skills, as noted by the author of the post, is leadership. According to Spiva et al. (2020), “leadership is inherent and necessary in the charge nurse role” (p. 95). The author of the post also mentioned that there are many requirements for candidates for the position of charge nurse, namely an Associate Degree in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, five years of bedside nursing, and various internal organization requirements. However, the question of how charge nurses can continue to develop their professional skills and stay in shape after obtaining the desired position remains open.

One of the ways of continuous self-development is training. Research shows that this practice is highly effective and has a positive effect on charge nurses’ performance. Spiva et al. (2020) note that “significant improvement was noted in transformational, transactional, leadership outcomes” (p. 95). Moreover, “the training elicited higher satisfaction with leadership behavior, followed by effectiveness and their ability to motivate” (Spiva et al., 2020, p. 95). Through periodical training, charge nurses improve themselves and the entire department in which they work. Another critical question is what other professional qualities and abilities a charge nurse should have besides self-management, communication, accountability, and responsibility. These are comprehensive assessments and thoughtful planning as well as careful supervision (Bernstein, 2017). It is also worth noting necessary to these professional field abilities such as informative feedback and effective delegation of tasks.


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