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21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital is an organization that aims at delivering professional health and nursing care to the local population and promoting the use of information technologies in order to improve services and cooperation between the employees. The chosen facility has a number of qualified people who take the positions of physicians, nurses, diagnosticians, administrators, and surgeons.

To support a successful accomplishment of the duties and understanding the functions of a hospital, it is important to identify its organizational structure, clarify the duties of chiefs, and develop a mission and value statement. In the paper, it is also necessary to introduce a feasible plan of how to hire nurses and other allied professionals and prove the effectiveness of information technology in the work of each employee as a chance to increase the number of patient services and improve the quality of care.

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Hospital’s Organizational Structure and Employees’ Duties

Healthcare management is a crucial professional at 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital, as well as in any other organization, because it determines and promotes leadership and directions to all departments in regards to all areas chosen and supports the delivery of personal health services (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012).

The peculiar feature of this hospital is the attention and recognition of the role of innovations and information technologies as a part of the progress all healthcare workers strive for. Singh and Lillrank (2015) compare innovation with evolution and underline the necessity of the flow in terms of which new ideas, services, and methods can be developed, selected, and implemented.

The first task of a manager is to introduce an organization structure and determine the existing levels of professionals, as well as their duties and contributions to the services offered to the patients of 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital. The work of the hospital is based on a functional organizational structure the key of which is to promote a pyramidal hierarchy in the employee relations (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012). In Figure 1, the organizational structure of the chosen hospital is given to demonstrate how the work is organized, and how many people are involved in leading the organization.

Organizational structure of 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital.
Figure 1. Organizational structure of 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital (own design).

In addition to the Board of Directors and an administrator who run the hospital and approve the main organizational, financial, and HR questions, there are also six major heads with their own functions and duties. The identification of their duties is crucial because it promotes the work of all departments.

The Head of Therapy Services performs the functions of a good leader because this employee accepts patients, divides the functions among other workers, and works with different patients in order to understand to which department they should address further. The Head of Nursing Department runs all nurses in the hospital, takes responsibility for education and training for nurses, and checks the quality of the work done by nurses in the whole hospital regardless of the department. This head has to work with the reports of many nurses and make sure that all nurses perform their functions, cooperate with physicians, and follow the standards of the hospital.

The Head of Diagnostic Center focuses on the work of this particular department. There are many sections that have to work properly in order to provide employees with the required sources and materials and patients with the necessary diagnoses and help. The Head of Surgery is the person who participates in different surgeries, controls the work of other surgeons, and decides various organizational questions in case they can be discussed without the presence of the Board.

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The functions of the Head of IT Department are important because the quality of the work of this department influences the work of the whole hospital. A thoughtful organization of employees’ activities, the investigation of the latest innovations in the fields of medicine, healthcare, nurses, and technology, and the cooperation with all departments are the main functions of this leader. Finally, the Head of Finance and HR Department takes responsibility for a number of organizational details, payments, salaries, and penalties with the help of which the work of all medical workers in the hospital can be rewarded, punished, or controlled. As soon as the leaders comprehend their roles and possible impact on the development and progress of the hospital, they can promote the necessary portion of knowledge and support to their employees and patients.

Hospital’s Mission and Value Statement

Regardless of the size of a hospital and the number of people, such organizations and their people should be ready for management pressures, competitions, and the necessity to satisfy and support patients (Chang, Tsai, & Chen, 2015). There are many ways and methods on how to be ready for such organizational challenges, and one of them is to create a strong mission and value statement and make all employees accept it and believe in its importance and power.

21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital’ mission is to provide patients and their families with a healing environment, high-quality care and support, and treatment. In addition to the work with patients and their families, the hospital aims at supporting its employees and involving them in research and the use of new information technologies. In general, the mission of the hospital is to support patients and employees and create the environment to meet the needs of both groups of people.

The value statement of the hospital is based on the combination of such values as services, respect, cooperation, teamwork, and quality. It is not enough for the leaders of 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital make its people work together. It is necessary to make sure that teamwork that is based on respect promotes cooperation between patients and the staff. Cooperation, in its turn, is proved by a number of services and quality offered to different people.

Nowadays, there are many hospitals and medical centers where the quality of patient care is considerably improved and developed. To stay competitive, a hospital should touch upon new aspects of health care. Information technology and research available to patients and staff are the key points of the work of 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital.

Feasibility Plan to Hire People

It is important to remember that the ways of how people are hired and trained make certain contributions and develop first impressions of an organization. This life is full of surprises and opportunities, and 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital wants to prove that this century provides people with the best working opportunities and impresses with its surprises. The hiring process is one of the basics that have to be properly developed. It should be organized in accordance with a plan that can be accomplished feasibly. The following steps should be taken to hire a nurse, physician, or other allied professionals:

  1. The creation of a job description to inform people about their potential duties and hospital’s current standards;
  2. The development of selection criteria to understand what people are appropriate for the position and what people should be rejected;
  3. An application form to be given to each candidate;
  4. The organization of an interview during which it is necessary to learn more about people’s knowledge, education, and attitudes to the field they want to join;
  5. The discussion of the conditions under which it should be developed (audio or video recordings);
  6. The necessity to talk to each candidate even if a refuse should be given.

This plan is suitable for the use with different healthcare professionals because it is focused on personal traits, readiness to work in a team, and desire to contribute to the field of medicine/healthcare/nursing. 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital should choose people in regards to their willingness and desire to work in a team of professionals. It is possible to teach people and help them recognize their mistakes and turn their weakness into their strengths. The task is to find appropriate people who meet the criteria of a hospital and promote change (Spiedelman & Berrett, 2013).

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Use of Information Technology

21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital is the organization that aims at the development of new information technologies and its usage among medical workers and patients. The justification of choice made by the employees of the hospital is closely connected to the outcomes the technologies and decisions have on all stakeholders. Health information technology is a significant tool with the help of which it is possible to transform and improve health care delivery (Lee, McCullough, & Town, 2013).

For example, hospital workers use electronic medical records to find or share the necessary information about a patient in a short period of time. Patients can also benefit with the use of such technologies. It is hard to memorize all facts, diagnoses, and treatments offered. The offered records can be given to a patient to save time, exchange clear information, and guarantee the correctness of all words. However, information technology is not some records only. This type of technology may include the latest results of medical research and the opportunities patients can make use of.

At the same time, the use of information technology in healthcare can create certain doubts and challenges. For example, people cannot be sure of privacy and confidentiality because of the possibility to break the system and steal information. Some hospitals cannot find enough funding to use the high-quality equipment. Finally, not all people are aware of how to use the technologies in a proper way.

The discussions between the supporters and opponents of information technology in healthcare are numerous. 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital has its own system of values with the help of which the final decision can be made. In Figure 2, the comparison of positive and negative aspects of IT in healthcare is developed.

Pros and Cons of IT in Healthcare.
Figure 2. Pros and Cons of IT in Healthcare (own design).

In general, as seen from the Figure 2, the pros win. 21st Century Solutions Health Care Hospital can use information technology in order to improve the quality of services, exchange and save information, develop teamwork, and collaborate with patients on a high level.


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