Internal Assessment of a Health Care


Memorial Sloan-Kettering is the center for assessment. The health center is a famous private cancer center worldwide. United States, New York is the location of the main hospital. Since its formation in 1884, there has been growth in the center. It has over 20 clinics in United States. Understanding, diagnosing and treating cancer is the mission of the health center. The hospital’s determination is to provide high quality treatment and prevention of cancer and allied diseases.


The center has a globally recognized state-of-the-art technology. Currently, MSKCC uses Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID). The technology delivers high quality services to patients, nurses, researchers, administrators, and physicians among other key players. More precisely, the institution uses wireless technology in the paper free environment. Doctors and nurses are mobile. They rely on wireless carts, PDA scanners and Voice over IP technology for admitting patients and administering treatment. MSKCC also employs all-digital Picture Archiving Communication System to store patients’ information such as X-rays. Finally, the hospital and its clinics have WiFi connection to aid in communication across the organization. Strength for the technology is that it can connect several people and equipment leading to efficient use of resources. Also, there is efficiency is service delivery. Its weakness is that it wholly depends on power and radio frequencies. In case of power outages, operations of the hospital may stop. Besides, the system is costly to set up and maintain.

Service and quality

The hospital is working towards being a leader in research on health matters. Also, offer outstanding patient care and educational programs. This is because the public considers it as the premier private cancer center in the world. This is because they have exceptional patient care. Besides, the center offers treatment to about 400 categories of cancer subtypes. Affiliate institutions view MSKCC as a vibrant institution which embraces change and have a passion to innovate. Quality service has enabled the hospital to achieve goodwill. This has ensured constant demand for their services. On the contrary, the hospital has to incur a lot of cost to maintain this level of service delivery.


Three key areas these are, patient care, research, and education & training make up the structure of the center. The three areas are further divided into various departments. Craig B. Thompson, the chief executive, heads the health unit. Other medical directors heading the various functions follow him in rank. The organization structure is appropriate for the implementation of the goals of the organization because it focuses on the functions of the unit. Therefore, strategic objectives can easily be cascaded down. From the structure, a great proportion of the management has relevant qualifications and experience that suites the nature of the business. In 2010, the center had over 11, 400 employees in all its clinics. Health centers provide high risk services. Therefore, such institutions employ people with a right attitude and adequate experience. The employees are self starters and highly motivated. They are also able to work in the changing environment. This is because the employees are the drivers of change. Besides, they are expected to have a positive attitude that creates a suitable environment for patients and fellow employees. Employees of the institution have performance plans containing individual goals. All employees are able to view, update, and track their progress against their own goal. This ensures that the function of performance management is an ongoing activity and not one time activity done at end year. There is a limited supply of talent required in the institution while demand is high. Therefore, MSKCC’s objectives are to identify, develop and use talents available in the organization. Therefore, employees have developed a culture of working together as a team to ensure success of one another and for success of the whole institution. Strength for the business is that it has experienced and qualified personnel who are able to deliver quality service. Secondly, the staff members are able to monitor their own performance over time to ensure that they achieve targets. This contributes to improvement in performance of the hospital. The weakness is that the hospital has high staff cost. This is because experienced staff members have to be paid well so as to retain them.

Cost and growth

MSKCC has experienced growth in income from operation. In 2006, the center made a net income of $78,689 while in 2010, it made $89,385. Capital spending remained relatively stable at an average of about $300,000. Net assets for the business remained relatively stable throughout the five years. Strength for the business is that its services have high demand. Secondly, the hospital can discriminate prices and make high profits. However, massive capital investment required in hospital hinders growth of profits. Secondly, operation cost for the hospital is very high lowering the profits.