Issue of Contraceptive Use in Society

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The use of contraceptives has for a long time been a subject of contention between different groups of people. With sexuality being a closely guarded subject, many people feel that discussing the use of contraceptives in the open goes against the morals put down by society. This school of thought is advocated for by the conservative people in the society who want to maintain the status quo. However, another liberal school of thought is emerging especially among young people.

This has been advocating for the open discussion on the use of contraceptives. Even, among the liberals, there is the fear of stigmatization and being branded as having loose morals. This has kept the open discussion on the use of contraceptives minimal. However, considering the benefits that come with being open on this subject, I feel that people should embrace it more. (Bayer HealthCare)

If there is one thing that causes emotional distress to both parents and teenagers alike is the realization that one is pregnant outside wedlock. Besides, the issue of unwanted pregnancies is a problem that is not only present among teenagers but also in adults as well. In the last few years, there have been concerted efforts geared toward reducing the unusually large numbers of unwanted pregnancies among young people in America.

However, this is an exercise in futility since almost three-quarters of the unwanted pregnancies happening in America are among adults. This, therefore, makes the efforts aimed at reducing teenage pregnancy to be a big joke. Considering that this problem has been going on for a long time, it is time to take decisive action. On many occasions, these unwanted pregnancies place big burdens on families and individuals. This is an issue that can be eliminated if people embrace the right mentality toward the use of contraceptives. (Hogue)

For a long time now, there has been a wrong attitude toward the issue of unwanted pregnancies. Many of those who are not affected by the problem feel that an unwanted pregnancy is a problem that cannot be avoided. However, I believe that every pregnancy should be planned for before it occurs. This can only be achieved by openly discussing the use of contraceptives among married couples. This allows the couple to plan and budget for every pregnancy.

This will prevent cases where one has to postpone their studies or career goals to raise a baby that came too soon or one that was not wanted at all. It is interesting to note that most of those people who are afraid of openly discussing the use of contraceptives are the ones who end up with unwanted pregnancies. It is, therefore, better to be branded immoral by choosing to discuss the use of contraceptives than bringing forth a child that one had not planned for.

Apart from giving birth to unwanted babies, there is an even bigger risk of people aborting these pregnancies. Research shows that a large section of young people having unwanted pregnancies end up procuring abortions. The statistics are even bigger for the married population. The issue of abortion carries heavy moral and ethical burdens. Those wishing to carry it undergo a period of emotional and psychological suffering. Considering the health risks associated with abortion, we are left with no choice other than to discuss the use of contraceptives in an open manner. By doing this, we will have moved a step further toward eradicating the problem of abortion in our society. (Hogue)

Another problem that can be curbed by openly discussing the use of contraceptives is the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. This can be achieved through educating people on the dangers of having unprotected sex. By looking at the threat posed by sexually transmitted diseases in society, we are bound to lay down our perceived “morals” and openly talk about sex. Unless we take this initiative, we will soon lose our young people to AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. (Stacey)

Another reason why we should openly discuss the use of contraceptives is for effectiveness. Today, there are many contraceptives available in the market. However, not all of these contraceptives are effective or safe for use. There should be a forum where people are taught the use of contraceptives and their importance. This should also incorporate studies on what contraceptive to use on what group of people. This will only happen if people come out of their cocoons and accept that contraceptives are here to stay. If people are taught how to use contraceptives in the right way, we will avoid so many problems brought about by misinformation on the subject.

The limited knowledge that people have on the use of contraceptives comes from heresy. Most of this information is distorted and scares people further from the use of contraceptives. If people will begin talking openly about the use of contraceptives, we would demystify this issue and create its acceptance. This would greatly help our society that that has greatly been misinformed. (Hogue)

In our modern society, only adults are permitted to discuss issues about childbearing. There is a consensus among adults that young people should not engage in sexual activities. Although society allows adults to discuss issues about their sexuality, there is completely no available education on the subject. This has left many adults in the dark regarding how they can approach matters of sexuality including the use of contraceptives. On the other hand, though sex education among young people is accepted, it only focuses on abstinence. What the organizers of sex education fail to realize is that preaching the abstinence gospel does not mean that the youth will obey.

On the contrary, this education only makes people more aware of their sexuality and makes them more eager to experiment. Since education does not advocate for the use of contraceptives, teens end up having sexual intercourse without using contraceptives. On the contrary, sex education that focuses on teaching people that sex is reserved for the mature and advocates for the use of contraceptives makes teens less eager to experiment with sex since they are informed. If they experiment, they will more likely use contraceptives that in the occasion where they were not enlightened. (Bayer HealthCare)

The use of contraceptives is one of the most misunderstood subjects in our society. Many sexually active people do not know the importance of using contraceptives. Still, a larger number does not even know of the existing contraceptive methods in the market. Even for those who know these contraceptives, choosing one that is effective is a big issue. Considering that some contraceptives protect the body from some diseases, it is only wise to begin discussing the use of contraceptives in an open way. It is also important for us to stop demonizing those who have adopted the use of contraceptives among themselves. By failing to discuss the use of contraceptives in an open way, we might succeed in keeping our dignity but fail in our most important duty of taking control of our lives.

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