Issues Affecting Management, Supervision, or Administration in Medical Imaging

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Medical Imaging (or Diagnostic Imaging) involves medical studies and practice based on technology for imaging internal human systems and presents high relevance in diagnosing health conditions. Medical imaging is aimed at providing pictures of the interior of human body in the most likely non-invasive nature. However, the complete success of medical imaging is hampered by managerial, supervisory, or administrative challenges. The aim of the paper is to summarize peer reviewed studies associated with the matters of management and supervision in medical imaging practices

Emerging Breast Imaging Modalities

This article involves arguing on the matters of mammography limitations, as well as managerial principles that originated from appearing of innovative imaging technologies. The paper is focused on the current restrictions in mammography, as well as development of radiology screening technologies which have improved medical managing systems which have improved the entire treatment principles due to changing the treatment planning process. (Rush, 2010)

Considering the fact that mammography is regarded as the gold standard of breast imaging, the reduction of breast carcinoma mortality is regarded as the key factor of improving breast imaging and diagnosis technologies. Therefore, management strategies are more effective imaging is improved.

Safe Patient Handling in Diagnostic Imaging

The paper is focused on the matters of increasing the risk of diagnostic imaging personnel associated with transferring, moving, and repositioning patients. This aspect of research is crucial for optimizing the workplace of the diagnostic personnel, hence, improving the diagnostic imaging management principles. Considering the fact that management processes are intended for improving the working atmosphere of the nursing, diagnostic, and radiology teams, the changes in ergonomics of the radiology screening equipment are required for increasing the productivity of patient care, diagnosing, and treatment.

In fact, these aspects that affect management, supervision, or administration in medical imaging may include a prolonged procedure in trying to get patient’s consent, prolonged specialist decision-of-brain-death, difficulty in ensuring the effectiveness of policies as may concern the usage of contrasting coronary and medial imaging, difficulty in making decisions regarding diagnoses. (Murphey, 2010)

Research of IV Contrast Agent in CT Scanning Suites

The research is mainly focused on the qualitative data based on the CT scanning processes in several clinics. Therefore, thee key objective of the research included studying the effectiveness, and management practices for using scanning suites with IV contrast agent. An alternative research aspect included pre-filled syringes. Hence it was stated in Hollot and Bullano (2010, p. 2) that:

The safe and compliant administration of IV contrast agents in CT imaging suites can be accomplished without compromising efficient patient flow. Preventing infection, air embolism, iodine allergic reactions, and extravasations are of prime importance and may be amenable to a technologist best practices approach.

Therefore, using pre-filled syringes helps to improve administrative and procedural documentation running, as IV contrast is regarded as the most progressive and reliable, so there is no need to consider re-filling of syringes, as well as resort to repeated CT contrast injection. Additionally, using mapping for using the IV contrast is suitable for providing an illustrative tool for further treatment optimization.


Supervision and management principles that are applied in medical imaging require in-depth research and assessment. Therefore, the researches that are regarded in the paper are associated on medical imaging, as well as managerial strategies applied in imaging and diagnosis.

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