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“Humans beings can eat just about anything as food, from mammary secretions (Milk) to mineral crystals (common salts) including fruits, flowers, seeds, stalks, Leaves, roots, seaweed, fungus, eggs of fish and birds or the dead bodies of various Animals” Modernization has resulted to an ever changing lifestyle, hence rising Concerns about dietary use, preference and habits. A large percentage of individuals have embraced diets characterized by excess calorie consumption and recurrent nutritional imbalances. Utilization of animal derived products has suddenly increased resulting to an increase in saturated fats and cholesterol.

Highly refined or processed food commodities reduce body intake of vital vitamins, mineral elements and other important food components like fiber, especially in food that occurs in their natural state. Poor dietary habits coupled with an ever changing industrialized world has introduced “ailments of civilization” Many people who follow lousy dietary behaviors are prone to these diseases that include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, circulatory related diseases and cancer. Clinical Investigation has demonstrated that the increased use of organic fruits, vegetables, whole grain and oil bearing nut greatly reduce excess cholesterol levels, hence reducing the chances of contracting “diseases of civilization”, while consumption of high meaty diets become risky and invites cardiovascular diseases.

Any meal is considered of healthy benefits when it contains all the relevant nutrition portions in terms of vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and fiber. These nutrients can be spread in a day’s meal and not necessarily be consumed at one sitting. This way one will concentrate and enjoy more from the food. Man and Woman were created and supplied with vegetable food as the primary source of food (Bergman, 1998)

Breakfast, Lunch and The Ancestral Hunter Food Categories

The Three Breakfast Meals


1 Vitabrits 100g
Banana 100g
Greek –Style yoghurt 50g
2% Fat milk 200ml
2 Kellogs Corn Flakes 100g
Banana 100g
Greek – Style yoghurt 50g
2% Fat Milk 200ml
3 McDonalds Bacon & Egg McMuffin “Standard”
2% Fat Milk 200ml

In breakfast’s 1 and 2 the total amount of the food components are the same totaling to 250g and 200ml each. The banana is the most nutritious and medicinal. 100g of banana contains 92.0 kcal = 384 kj, 21.0g carbohydrates, 19.1 µg Folate, 0.578 Vitamin B6, 9.10mg Vitamin C, 396mg Potassium, 2.40g Fiber no cholesterol and 0.480g total fat among other compositions (Pamplona-Roger, p.80). This makes breakfast 1 and 2 superior nutritionally. Other than the calcium in milk and cancer fight agents in the yoghurt from both breakfasts, Vitabrits contents of 99% wholegrain, No added sugar, High in fibre, Low in fat, Natural ingredients make it more preferred than Kellogs Corn Flake containing artificial flavor and corn syrup.

Corn is a staple in the nutrition of many citizens; however, it is insufficient by itself. Corn protein is low quality, with insufficient niacin and poor calcium. It must therefore be accompanied with other foods for nutritional compensation. Breakfast 3 is protein in presentation due the bacon and egg. With the above factors, Breakfast 1 is more preferred nutritional followed by 2 then 3.

The Three Lunch Meals


1 6 inch Subway roll(White bread) containing turkey breast and ham with standard vegetables “Standard”
2% Fat Milk 200ml
2 One McDonalds Quarter pound Burger with Cheese “Standard”
2% Fat Milk 200ml
3 A four-n-Twenty meat pie “Standard”
Sauce 20ml
2% Fat Milk 200ml

In this lunch category milk is seen in all the lunches. Lunch 1(white bread, turkey breast and ham with vegetables) is a combination of carbohydrates, protein and some veggies, bearing in mind that ham might be refined. Lunch 2 (Burger and Cheese) is a combination of carbohydrates and protein while Lunch 3 is more protein. Vegetables are high source of fiber, minerals and vitamins and despite the white bread (Processed) the incorporation of vegetables make lunch 1 more nutritional than the other two. Cheese adds slightly more nutrients to lunch 2, however, cheese and milk are of similar nutritional content, placing Lunch 3 above lunch 2.

The Ancestral Hunter – Gather Type

Ancestral Hunter – Gather Type.

Lean Steak 120
Tomatoes 45
Lettuce 35
Olives 20
Celery 30
Tuna 80
Onion 20
Apple 100
Carrot 25
Garlic 5
Spinach 35
Mushroom 25
Peanuts 25
Cucumber 30
Egg plant 25

Foods rich in grains, legumes and vegetables contain two major compounds that are not found in foods of animal origin. These are antioxidants of certain minerals and vitamins and phytochemical, possessing curative characteristics. Nature together with science has demonstrated that fresh fruits and vegetables inclusive in diet go a long way in boosting the immune system. Eskimos have adopted to foods rich in fish but still suffer from chronic ailments due to low intake of vegetables and fruits (Nobmann et al 1992).

The ancestral hunter meal type is very rich in vegetables and nuts, hence rich in healing properties due to phytochemicals and antioxidants. For example a fresh tomato contains 94% water and is of therapeutic value rich in vitamin C and potassium. It also contains an antioxidant called lycopene that plays a major role in cellular growth. Meals from this category are cholesterol free and with low fat content. Lean steak and tuna are rich sources of protein. The ancestral hunter type of meal lacks sufficient carbohydrates. Additional of food rich in root tubers like potatoes or yams will go a long way in complementing the hunter’s meal. In comparison to the Breakfast and Lunch categories, the ancestral hunter meal has a faster metabolic rate, this is because vegetables, nuts and fruits are rapidly digested.

Modernization and the effects of taste, appetite and nutritional information have resulted in many shunning away from the ancestral hunter meals to more fast food. Fast food restaurants have also contributed to this fact resulting to careless food behaviors that have contributed to major diseases in the West. If adopted, the Ancestral hunter – gather type of meal is the healthiest of the both Breakfast and Lunch.


The Western society has rapidly grown and most of its citizens have been court up with work and busy schedules. This has resulted in less time available to concentrate on a decent balanced meal. Research studies have revealed that lack of certain vital foods incorporated in diets has resulted in numerous deficiency diseases, nevertheless, most of the Westernize generation is affected as a result of too much food that is unhealthy. Fast food stores have mushroomed almost in every state and have found loyal customers who stream to such places for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Lack of exercise regimes has also contributed to the diseases of civilization.

With a poor basal metabolic rate, the rate at which food is processed by the body, many individuals fall victims of these diseases. If fruits and vegetables are to be considered and added along side meals then, most of these diseases of civilization will be history and hence fruits and vegetables will be embraced like any other vital food composition.

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