Knowledge of Theoretical Psychology in Nursing

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Providing optimal healthcare to all patients is possible with a high level of staff professionalism. Each person who comes to a medical facility needs an individual approach. This is necessary to provide him or her with timely assistance and a comfortable stay in the clinic and better understand the patient’s complaints. The psychology course helps to increase the competence of a nurse, regardless of the specialty.

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First, knowledge of psychology helps the nurse better understand the patient’s needs. During the provision of medical care, it is essential to establish a trusting relationship with the person who applied to the clinic. All people have different characters and temperaments; therefore, the same communication scenario cannot be applied to all patients. It has been scientifically proven that a person’s psychological state affects his or her physical health (Abraham et al., 2016).

The calmer the patient is, the more influential the treatment process will be. Second, the application of psychological practices can help the specialist at the macro level. The study of patient data will allow a healthcare system employee to obtain system data on the psychological state of people who have applied to the clinic. Analysis of this information within the framework of learned psychological concepts and theories will allow the specialist to develop timely prevention measures.

The healthcare profession of a nurse automatically involves diligent work with people. Knowledge of theoretical psychology and the ability to use these skills in practice help to become a highly qualified specialist. Only with a systematic approach, the clinic employee can accurately identify the causes of the disease. Psychology provides an opportunity for such a strategy, helping the nurse offer quality services and top-class treatment and prevent certain conditions.


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