Mean Level of Health in the United States

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The mean level of health stands for the overall ratio of healthy people, people with some health issues, and people with severe health issues. At that, the mean level of health also involves the ratio of people who receive basic healthcare services. Clearly, it is necessary to define ‘health’ and ‘healthy’ to understand the term mentioned. Health is related to the physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of the person. Importantly, it is linked to the way the individual sees their health condition. A healthy person is an individual who is satisfied with their health condition and does not suffer from any disorder.

People with some health issues are those who may be diagnosed with some (both minor or serious) disorders but have access to adequate healthcare services and understand (as well as follow) the treatment developed. Ill people are those who suffer from disorders (irrespective of the seriousness of the disease) but have no access to adequate healthcare services or are dissatisfied with the services provided and treatment developed. These people often fail to follow the necessary treatment.

Since the terms used are defined, it is possible to note that the mean level of health in the USA is significantly higher than in other states (especially when it comes to developing countries). In the majority of cases, Americans are satisfied with their healthcare. Clearly, there are people who have no or limited access to high-quality health services, but these people still get some treatment in non-profit healthcare facilities. At that, ACA can change the situation for the better as more people will have access to better healthcare services.