Miami-Dade County’s Community Health Promotion Media

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Media are used in the community to promote health and prevent disease. The most effective approach is the use of the Internet for health-promotional purposes. Community members have access to a variety of websites, such as healthymiamidade, floridahealth, miamidade, and others. At these websites, citizens can find out the location of the nearest healthcare facilities and valuable data on diseases and ways of preventing them. The use of the Internet is highly effective for the target audience since it allows people to gain much information quickly.

Another significant media campaign focused on a specific population is a website for veterans available at myhealth. This project was designed to promote healthy activities among veterans through providing patient education options and offering the latest news of the Veterans Affairs department. This media campaign is highly effective for its target audience since it improves veterans’ access to healthcare options. With the help of the website, the identified population group can find out about the available services and benefits.

Apart from web resources, television is employed to promote the healthy behaviors of community members. Every Sunday, a TV program, “SoFlo Health,” is broadcast on a local TV channel. The variety of topics allows each citizen to find something valuable and informative in the program. The project is effective for the target audience since it discusses local issues and teaches viewers about essential healthcare measures.