Moving Forward as a Professional Nurse – BSN Education

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A professional nurse has to possess a variety of skills to order to meet the needs of patients. Such a person should understand the work of medical institutions and act as a leader. Moreover, this individual should be able to use various findings of researchers and adopt the best practices. I decided to become a Bachelor of Science in Nursing because this education can help me to move forward as a professional.

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There are several benefits that a BSN education can offer me. First, it can give me a higher degree of autonomy in the workplace. I will have an opportunity to make decisions without being very dependent on those people who occupy a higher position in the workplace hierarchy. This is one of the reasons why BSN graduates usually have a more positive perception of their work (Finkelman & Kenner, 2010, p. 469). Additionally, in the future, I may have to organize and coordinate the efforts of other people. To cope with this task, a person should have well-developed leadership skills. BSN education will help me in acquiring these skills.

Apart from that, nurses should be knowledgeable about the most recent studies that describe the best practices applied by medical workers. So, this person should the key principles of research and the methods that can be applied in clinical studies. BSN education will enable me to better understand these issues (Brunnell, 2007). Additionally, nurses have to be aware of the fact patients may have different cultural backgrounds. Cultural competence is another benefit offered by BSN education.

On the whole, I believe that a good nurse should be willing to learn on a regular basis. Such a person must understand that medical science is an evolving field, and a nurse should be ready for such changes. BSN education will allow me to acas t a leader, coordinator, and even researcher. In turn, I will better attend to the needs of my patients.


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