Nicotine Patches as an Alternative to Smoking

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Tobacco smoking is among the leading causes of death in the United States as well as in other countries (Hammaker 220). Therefore, it is necessary to find ways of resolving this problem. Much attention should be paid to individuals, who use tobacco products for more than five years because they are at a greater risk of developing various diseases such as lung cancer, stenosis and so forth (MacKay 32).

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Therefore, governmental organizations should distribute nicotine patches to these people at a reduced price. Healthcare professionals should inform their patients that these patches are safer for their health. These are the main aspects of the proposal that should be examined in more detail.

There are several benefits to this policy. First of all, a great number of people will be able to decrease their dependence on tobacco products. Some of them will eventually be able to quit smoking. Moreover, these individuals will be exposed to a lesser number of health risks, such as various forms of cancer (MacKay 32).

Furthermore, patients and medical organizations will be able to reduce the expenses related to healthcare. These are the main benefits that can be identified. Overall, nicotine patches can be viewed as a substitute for conventional cigarettes.

One can raise several objections to this policy. In particular, it is possible to argue that people, who will use nicotine patches, will still suffer from the harmful effects produced by this substance.

For instance, it can lead to heart diseases in the long term. However, one should take into account that the harmful impacts of smoking are mostly related to such chemicals like toluene, butane, cadmium, butane, carbon monoxide, and so forth (MacKay 32). There are more dangerous for the life of a person. Therefore, nicotine patches can be a good alternative to cigarettes.

Secondly, the critics of this policy can say that this policy will be too expensive. It should be mentioned that a person will need to spend at least $ 20 to use nicotine patches.

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Therefore, the government will have to spend millions of dollars while implementing this policy. This is one of the objections that the opponents of this strategy can raise. Nevertheless, the statistical data show that American people spend at least $1.9 trillion every year to treat the diseases related to smoking (Hammaker 220). Therefore, the investment in this policy can help the state save many costs.

Moreover, the opponents of this strategy can say that people, who will use nicotine patches, can eventually return to smoking or at least remain dependent on nicotine. Nevertheless, one can still argue that the use of nicotine patches is one of the valid methods which can help a person refrain from smoking cigarettes. This is why this opportunity should not be overlooked by medical workers and policy-makers.

On the whole, these examples suggest that the distribution of nicotine patches can be of great use to many stakeholders. First of all, many people will be able to protect themselves from the dangers of smoking. In this way, some of the smokers can eventually give up this dangerous habit. Furthermore, this policy can decrease the burden that is now placed on medical workers. Therefore, the government should consider this strategy as a way of coping with the problem of smoking.

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