Non-governmental Organizations (NGO) Involved in Global Health Advocacy and Nursing

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There are multiple non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that work in the field of healthcare advocacy, and the Global Health Council (n.d.a) is one of them. The Global Health Council (n.d.a) was established in 1972, and nowadays, it comprises a network of organizations from 150 countries, which are united by the mission of improving global health.

Advocacy is the first goal of the Global Health Council (n.d.a), and nursing should employ the resources and connections of the organization to engage in the advocacies related to various global health issues and policies. Indeed, the Global Health Council (n.d.b) offers multiple opportunities for engagement. In particular, various meetings, workshops, webinars, and other events are carried out to facilitate the connection of the members and non-members with policymakers, as well as other stakeholders of healthcare advocacy.

Furthermore, the Global Health Council (n.d.c) has established its Global Health Advocacy Community, which consists of specific groups and coalitions that unite the people who are interested in advancing particular agendas. For example, a nurse who is concerned with malaria-related activities can join the Malaria Roundtable by reaching its co-chairs; their contacts are provided by the Global Health Council (n.d.c). After joining, the nurse will be able to share the issues related to malaria and participate in the advocacy-related activities that are carried out by the group.

Furthermore, the Global Health Council (n.d.c) also has a Malaria Research & Development Working Group, which is also an advocacy coalition, but this one has a greater focus on malaria research. Thus, nurses can be involved in the advocacy for global health issues with the help of the specialized groups of Global Health Council (n.d.c), as well as its general events and efforts, that can be enriched through the introduction of the nursing perspective.