Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Treatment

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After studying the results of Natalia’s tests, vitamin E should be recommended because its indicators are minimal. It is a good antioxidant and protects the immune system; it perfectly applies to Natalia’s disease. This vitamin is an effective nutrient for NAFLD. During the analysis of the indicators, excessive consumption of carbohydrates was revealed, which led to a significant gain in body weight. This fact contributes to the further development of NAFLD.

According to current recommendations, diet therapy and lifestyle correction are the basic therapeutic tactics for patients with NAFLD. Many studies have proven the ability of a hypocaloric diet and exercise to reduce the severity of steatosis and necroinflammation processes in NAFLD (Scott, 2018). Patients with NAFLD need to increase physical activity. Moderate aerobic exercise lasting 150-200 minutes per week (walking at an average pace, swimming, cycling) is shown. Regular physical activity makes it possible to reduce visceral obesity and reduce the level of triglycerides and the concentration of free fatty acids. Knowing about her love of cinnamon bread, I would like to warn Natalia against its use in the diet and replace them with cereal loaves. They help reduce appetite, improve metabolism, positively affect the appearance of hair and skin, relieve puffiness, reduce irritability, and even activate mental abilities (Glatter, 2019). Additionally, the loaves do not contain gluten and are suitable for people suffering from NAFLD.

The best effect in NAFLD treatment is achieved by combining a hypocaloric diet with physical exercise. According to the study results, which included 31 patients with NAFLD, when following a hypocaloric diet for four weeks, and routine aerobic exercise, a significant improvement in the histological picture was revealed in patients a year later. Additionally, there was a decrease in visceral obesity (by 12%), a decrease in the level of triglycerides in the liver (by 21%), and free fatty acids in blood plasma.

Randy Howard’s post seemed quite interesting from the point of view of mentioning the Mediterranean diet; it is effective. However, I’m afraid I have to disagree with his permission to eat one piece of bread with cinnamon during the diet. Coumarin contained in the product in large doses can lead to even greater damage to the liver. During the therapy, Natalia should give up this bread and replace it with a more nutritious and useful product.


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