Nursing Conceptual Model vs. Nursing Theory

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Nursing theory

The nursing conceptual model provides the framework for observation, reflection and interpretation of a certain phenomenon, giving guidelines for clinical practices. On the other hand, nursing theory is structuring ideas in a rigorous and creative way to project a systematic view of phenomena.

Middle range theory

The technique of sociological theorizing known as “middle range theory” aims to integrate theory with the actual study. In addition, research is utilized to develop and evaluate middle-range ideas, which serve as evidence for clinical activities, including evaluation and intervention. Middle-Range theories are more focused and provide more tangible links between Grand Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice than do High-Range theories. (Smith & Liehr, 2018). Middle-range theories fall between the modest yet required working hypotheses and the comprehensive systematic, unified theory. Each of these theories is more than just a statistical generalization. Empirical generalizations can only be produced by starting with underlying assumptions. Since Merton’s most often referenced theory, the concept has received minimal systematic elaboration, and much of that development has come from him.

Peplau’s theory of interpersonal interactions

Peplau’s theory of interpersonal interactions is an example of a descriptive classification theory. According to Peplau’s theory, three stages are necessary for good interaction between a nurse and a patient. The short orientation period is when patients in the hospital come to terms with the fact that they require assistance and make an effort to adapt to their new (and frequently unfamiliar) circumstances. As a result of Peplau’s hypothesis, nurses are taught how to engage with their patients so that the patient feels more in control of their treatment. This might also give the impression that the patient can carry out treatment without the support of the nurse after the patient is released. Peplau’s theories are useful since they clearly define the numerous treatment programs patients might go through to recover more quickly later.


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