Nursing Standards Development in Illinois

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The nursing standards of practice for Illinois must be developed with consideration of patient and public safety, quality of care, and relevant rules and regulations in the state. In this regard, the process should include the creation of educational program requirements, unified definitions and terms, licensure, procedures, the scope of nursing practice, and guidelines to address errors or misconduct (Sessanna et al., 2021). It is essential to implement an evidence-based approach to the development of nursing standards of practice and promote health, compassion, and equality (Sessanna et al., 2021). Such a comprehensive approach can ensure the increased quality of patient care and address current problems in the state of Illinois.

To ensure the state’s compliance with relevant rules and laws, respective organizations must control the process of requirement development. The entities involved in the creation of nursing practice standards for Illinois include the American Nurses Association (ANA) and the Illinois Board of Nursing (Sessanna et al., 2021). Both organizations play a pivotal role in state healthcare regulation and improvement. In particular, they set guidelines regarding penalties, violations, and status requirements for the nursing profession (Sessanna et al., 2021). Overall, these entities contribute to the enhancement of clinical competency, which impacts patient outcomes and public safety in the state.

The suggested nursing standards of practice influence the nursing process for faith community nursing by emphasizing the need for a holistic approach and compassionate, patient-centered care. The outlined process highlights the importance of trust and respect in the nurse-client relationship, which is crucial to promoting healing and health. Therefore, Illinois’s nursing standards of practice encompass various requirements and regulations aiming to support inclusion, caring, and healing.


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