Nursing Engagement into Evidence-Based Practice

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Evidence-based practices (EBP) are diligent, problem-solving clinical studies incorporating the best evidence from adequately conducted research, the patient needs and beliefs, and a clinician’s skills to make choices on the treatment of a patient. EBP focuses on analyzing past evidence developed by past clinical research and applying the propositions in Practice (Chien, 2019). Unfortunately, no conventional formula for how far various elements in the based performance process must be considered. However, the number of ranking systems and hierarchies of evidence determine how solid the evidence produced by a research study or report is. The EBP uses the previous experience and strategies accepted in practice; clinical research involves identifying clinical programs and devices in new ways to help make definitive decisions about patient care (Tucker et al., 2021). Every clinician has a vital understanding of the evidence-based practice and evidence level since clinicians must trust their focus on research, report, practice alert, or clinical practice guideline to decide on a patient’s care.

I feel that more training requires the engagement of the nursing staff as they broaden their skills and create more implementation chances. A wide range of skills, such as health policy, funding, management, and quality improvement, equips nurses with better critical thinking and research capability, enhances evidence-based practice, and effectively collaborates with patient care, essential for the expanded nursing role of the cross-disciplinary health care team. There is a lack of employees, unfortunately, but this problem may be resolved as well. This difficulty is related to the retirement age of the employees. The notion of inviting nurses as teachers is beneficial because the nursing specialty is expanded, and new nurses are supported and educated.


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