Nursing Practice Personal Experience

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Nursing is a necessary and significant profession, the fundamental principles of which are human virtues. Nurses have a great responsibility and burden, especially during times of epidemic when the impact of stress-causing factors increases. Writing about these issues, not only helps relieve stress but also develops reflective skills that allow one to learn something new about nursing (1). The purpose of this work is to share a personal experience of nursing practice and analyse it using academic literature.

Nursing Practice Description

Today, a patient with a pressure ulcer was admitted to a medical facility. I had to conduct a diagnosis, namely, assess the complexity of the wound and the area of damage to bodily tissue. I correctly completed the task but experienced some psychological difficulties. Being next to the patient’s injury, I experienced incredible stress, although other specialists supported me and were calm. At least I think so. I did not expect that looking at an open wound could cause me strong discomfort that even my hands will start to shake a little.

Nursing Practice Possible Improvement

Later, I concluded that, as a competent medical worker, I could improve my stress resistance before practice. I could prepare for possible stressful situations in advance by going through one of the types of stress management, such as the PRECEDE-PROCEED model (2). Moreover, I could use one of the mobile web applications after the procedure (3). The stress factor can significantly undermine confidence in one’s skills and therefore, personal effectiveness.


This reflective essay tells of a personal experience assessing a patient’s pressure ulcer. I described the situation itself, my thoughts about it, and what effect it had on me. Positive and negative points were also highlighted. I have also given two ways to solve the stress factor problem, namely, preventive and post-factum measures. I hope the writing of this work will show me new perspectives for solving professional and personal issues.


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