Nursing: The Most Trusted Profession

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The introduction of positive changes in nursing practice helps improve the quality of care and allows realizing valuable perspectives that make it possible to improve patient outcomes. For instance, according to the Institute of Medicine (2010), a course towards the promotion of education among nursing staff contributes to expanding nurses’ knowledge and skills. As a result, employees provide comprehensive and professional care, which is consistent with the basic principles of nursing. Another significant change achieved in recent years is the involvement of government boards and policymakers in monitoring compliance with care standards and equipping this healthcare industry with the necessary resources. According to the Institute of Medicine (2010), help to nursing communities at both local and federal levels confirms the interest of official agencies in strengthening this industry. Thus, the trend of positive changes may be explained by the attention to the importance of nursing activities in the modern healthcare system.

The training of nursing staff is carried out in conditions of stimulating continuing education and obtaining appropriate degrees. Fitzpatrick (2015) argues that junior medical specialists interact with the population more closely than other healthcare professionals. As a result, honing not only narrow-profile skills is encouraged but also additional aspects of training. According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (2020), today, nurses are trained to improve their behavioral skills, which, in turn, prepares them for close communication with the target audience. Employees’ ability to address patients’ needs effectively determines the quality of work and the healthcare system as a whole. Therefore, the modern nursing sector is an environment in which high standards of care are promoted through productive practices that encourage employee education and commitment.


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