PAIBOC Question: People Should Avoid All Fats

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The objective of this task is to debunk one of the popular myths that “people should avoid all fats if they are trying to be healthy or lose weight.” In particular, that message will provide three appeals, namely, logical, ethical, and emotional, to show the inferiority and harm of this idea.


The target audience is the Seneca community, especially students and faculty, that will visit a special community board next month. In this event, the participants will share their thoughts and considerations about specific health-related issues, including health myths widespread among fellow students and their friends.


Based on the purpose and audience examination, the message should comprise a thesis and outline for the persuasive paragraph and deliver three parallel appeals, including logical, ethical, and emotional. Besides, these appeals will contain main ideas and be supported by reasons for the claim, personal life stories, and experiences.


Considering the purpose and the audience, the communication should be formulated in a manner that convinces the participants that the given myth or assumption can damage their health and wellbeing. Therefore, the message should be coherent, straightforward, and insightful to arouse audience reaction, helpful discussion, and genuine interest in the topic.


The audience may encounter some questions and doubts regarding the credibility and validity of reasons, arguments, and appeals overall, which may reduce the engagement of participants in the discussion. In this regard, there is an apparent necessity to provide statements that are logical, trustworthy, and linked to real-life.


Since the audience will predominantly consist of students, instructors, and professors that strive to comprehend the issue, the context of communication should be informative, motivational, and educational. It is worth noting that the members can display lively interest in the writers’ performance, their arguments, and the manner of information submission.

Persuasive Paragraph


People should stop believing that avoiding the consumption of all fats can be healthy and help them lose weight. They should understand that such a diet has an opposite adverse effect and can cause severe harm to their organism and wellbeing since fat is an integral component of the human body.

Logical Appeal

  1. Main idea: fats are essential nutrients like proteins and carbohydrates.
  2. Supports: Fats are part of the building blocks of the body’s cells and are vital for the brain, kidneys, and other organs. It is also needed to absorb many vitamins such as A, D, E, and K.
  3. Reasons for the claim – averting using fats impairs the organism’s optimal functioning because it starts lacking vitamins, and cells become ill. Furthermore, fats provide people with a feeling of saturation and help them to refrain from food for longer.

Emotional Appeal

  • Main idea: not consuming fats can be hazardous for an individual’s health.
  • Supports:
    • Avoiding them in a diet results in health deterioration and even chronic mental and physical diseases.
    • Based on my experience, I also consumed fats in a low amount at some time and faced different problems. In particular, I began feeling discomfort stomach, became nervous, irritated, powerless, inattentive, unmotivated to perform daily duties, and had a worse sleep.

Ethical Appeal

  1. Main idea: giving evidence from personal experience, proving that avoiding fats can cause severe health-related damage.
  2. Supports: I have one relative who followed a low-fat diet for an extended period. He consumed fat-free dairy products, abandoned animal fats almost entirely, and often ate vegetables without oil. As a result, he felt periodical pain in the gallbladder. As a doctor explained to him later, the gallbladder produces bile specifically to digest fat. If it has nothing to process, bile stagnates, and stones appear.