Patient Safety: “Free from Harm” Report

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Patient safety is a significant public health concern due to the harm caused to patients during care. “Free from Harm” is a report published by the National Safety Council that sought to recognize the progress made in patient safety and offer recommendations that would accelerate progress. One recommendation made in the report was to ensure partnership with patients and families in healthcare delivery. This meant that families and the patients were to have an active role in the delivery of care at different levels. Since the report was published, families have had an increasing role in health care delivery, especially during home-based care practices.

An article by Myonghwa Park, which was published in the international journal of nursing studies, conducts a review other published systemic reviews on patient and family-centered interventions that impact one’s quality of life. The article evaluates evidence from the published results of interventions and offers recommendations that would improve the quality of other reviews (Park et al., 2018). “Family-centered Care during the Covid 19 Era” is an article published in the journal of pain and symptom management. This article provides strategies on how family-centered interventions and inpatient healthcare can be provided during a time of social distancing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic (Hart et al., 2020). Various innovations in the implementation of family-based care are reviewed in the article. The article shows how these innovations in family-based interventions can lead to long-term improvements in the family-centered care delivery practices.

We see how technology has improved family-centered care from the articles, but a lot still needs implementation. Educating families on proper home-based inpatient care needs to adopted, and this can be possible if funds are allocated for family-centered care training.


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