Physician Assistant Studies at Colorado Mesa University

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The Physician Assistant Program (PA) is an upstanding course provided by the Colorado Mesa University (CMU) to enhance patient’s care through quality education provision (Master of Physician Assistant Studies, n.d). The course intends to model compassionate, collaborative and innovative physician assistants who are competent in this field. The mission of the PA program is to impact critical thinking, cultural competence, and evidence-based practice to all experts (Master of Physician Assistant Studies, n.d). The program’s vision is to address the overall health needs of residents in remote and medically underserved communities. Since joining this program, I have developed different strategies that align with the program’s mission and vision. My focus is to enhance the access of healthcare services to non-English speaking communities through community outreach and evidence-based practice.

PA program strives to promote community outreach by demonstrating accountability and responsibility to all patients through voluntary community service (Master of Physician Assistant Studies, n.d). To fulfil this requirement, I have developed a small project that prioritizes healthcare service provision to communities that do not speak English. This project operates by incorporating translation services to individuals who cannot comprehend English to ensure they access services. I ensure that every mail or advert sent out to this community is translated to their language to enhance comprehensibility (Master of Physician Assistant Studies, n.d). To achieve this, I have invested in evidence-based practice by always consulting my guide or peer-reviewed sources to complete my tasks.

Physician Assistant Program cultures graduands to develop the competencies that promote efficient, affordable and favorable healthcare services. Critical thinking skills enable a graduand to look beyond ordinary health needs. Also, cultural competence ensures that graduands respond to the needs of the community without discrimination. These acquired skills steered my decision to help the non-English speaking communities.


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