Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

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Vitamins are special organic substances that are not a source of energy or building material for the body. Nevertheless, they are necessary for small and often minimal quantities for its normal functioning. Vitamins are involved in metabolism, and they are biological accelerators of chemical reactions in the cell that increase resistance to infectious diseases efficiency, alleviate the course of many diseases, and reduce the negative impact of various occupational hazards. In recent years, there has been a wide variety of multivitamin preparations on the pharmaceutical market (Kamangar and Emadi 221). It should be considered unreasonable that some people have an idea of the harmlessness of vitamins. Excessive doses of fat-soluble vitamins lead to hypervitaminosis that can have harmful and even toxic effects on the body, and therefore the pills should be taken as prescribed by a professional. Vitamins are generally beneficial to human body, unless they are overused and over-commercialized.

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