Position Paper: Nursing Shortages in Healthcare Facilities

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One of the essential components of a free society is the healthcare system, yet it is also one of the few fields that are ignored or taken lightly. Additionally, the current epidemic has worsened the predicament, resulting in a scarcity of healthcare personnel and a collapse of healthcare services. According to World Health Organization (2021), In 2030, there will be a shortage of health professionals around 18 million, especially in low- to middle-income countries. The country’s education and employment policies, particularly regarding developing and training health personnel, are out of sync. Other contributing causes include financial and monetary concerns with the healthcare system budget and the growing population. In addition, the WHO highlights the critical need for 9 million nurses and midwives worldwide by 2030 to achieve Sustainable Development Goal No. 3: Health and Well-Being. According to a report by the Global Health Learning Organization (adapted from WHO, 2006), 57 nations severely lack medical personnel, mainly in Asia and Africa. Last but not least, the research found a clear link between the population and healthcare employees; for instance, as the population’s survival rate falls, so does the number of healthcare workers.

Based on the information, the government must issue an urgent call for action that will result in policies for a workable and accessible healthcare system. These policies should be centered at;

  • Education, professional development, and pay raise for health professionals.
  • Workforce 2030 to be accepted to solve the healthcare system’s deficiencies
  • The United Nations should work with the World Health Organization to urge national governments to implement significant healthcare system changes to deal with issues of Inequality.

In conclusion, effective public leadership and governance will be the key to overcoming these pressing problems and adhering to a shared objective: STRENGTHENING HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS across the nations.


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