Pre-Developed Nursing Care Plan For the Elderly

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The paper titled A practice development initiative supporting care home staff delivers high-quality end-of-life care reflects upon the nurses’ role in older adult care. There is of great importance to meet the needs of the elderly population living in nursing homes. However, end-of-life practices still require improvements and concrete nursing plans. The paper aimed to investigate data on end-of-life nursing practices in nursing homes for the elderly because it is a global concern (Hockley & Kinley, 2016). Previous studies proved that the majority of nurses struggle with emotional difficulties providing palliative care. Therefore, several options for improving the nursing care plan were suggested.

The article revises the Gold Standards Framework in Care Homes and uses a researched-based high facilitation model to conduct the audit. Therefore, the researchers aimed to collaborate with external care professionals and decrease the number of admissions at the late stage of life. The nurse facilitators were asked to visit the hospital to improve the relationship with other health care professionals. The plan included recording each patient’s data, information about death and hospital admissions, and creating reports for the care homes (Hockley & Kinley, 2016). The expected outcomes were improving patients’ quality of life, gaining new skills and knowledge, and making it comfortable for them to die safely in their place of choice.

It was concluded that a high-facilitation model led to significant outcomes and palliative care procedures became less emotionally burdened. The results demonstrated that clinical staff was very positive about collaborating with the nurses to provide care for the elderly. The percentage of patients who preferred not to admit hospital before death increased by 20% (Hockley & Kinley, 2016). Moreover, trustworthiness and mutual respect became vital facets of the program.


Hockley, J., & Kinley, J. (2016). A practice development initiative supporting care home staff deliver high quality end-of-life care. International Journal of Palliative Nursing, (22)10, 474-481. Web.