Princeton College of Nursing: Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

The mission of an online completion program for RNs seeking their BSN provided by Chamberlain College of Nursing is to transform healthcare in Florida by preparing highly qualified BSN nurses through evidence-based research, interprofessional collaboration practice, excellence in studies, and learning the practice of making partnerships with diverse populations. At that, teaching, service, and scholarship are viewed as the primary objectives of the educational process.

Chamberlain College of Nursing is focused on preparing successful leaders highly skilled in all major aspects of nursing leadership and possessing outstanding personal and interpersonal qualities and skills including emotional intelligence, ability to envision the subordinates, and excellent conflict management capabilities. In addition, it has a special focus on clinical practice hours to help the students increase their potential as the highly trained specialists in the field of primary care provision to the patients. Next, the Chamberlain College of Nursing online completion program for RNs looking for their BSN seeks to prepare effective educators capable of providing theoretical and practical training in various fields of healthcare both to the subordinate workers and clients along with their family members.

Besides, an online completion program for RNs seeking their BSN in Chamberlain College of Nursing is largely focused on community health promotion. Different to other schools of nursing providing BSN program training, this program equips a nursing professional with all necessary tools to become a community health promotion leader rather than a specialist occupied in the disease prevention activities only.

Lastly, an online completion program for RNs seeking their BSN in Chamberlain College of Nursing aims to prepare highly qualified scholars capable of conducting online evidence-based research in scholarly literature as well as plan and conduct their own research studies to generate the new knowledge directing their practice and promoting the growth of professionalism on their units of care.

Overall, an online completion program for RNs seeking their BSN pays attention to all major fields where nurses need to excel to become successful leaders on their care units. The program is compliant with the latest Florida legislation in the field of BSN nursing specialists’ scope of practice regulations and will provide a nursing professional with all the necessary elements to obtain the needed certification and accreditation.


The philosophy of an online completion program for RNs seeking their BSN provided by Chamberlain College of Nursing is focused on the primary objectives of nursing education: training effective leaders; training practicing professionals capable of providing high quality primary care to all; preparing effective educators; and tutoring successful community health promotion specialists. The philosophy of Chamberlain College of Nursing, developed by the faculty, is congruent with the Corporate Philosophy and Mission Statement of South University.

Nurses are practitioners and therefore, the philosophy of an online completion program for RNs seeking their BSN provided by Chamberlain College of Nursing is to prepare the professionals who excel in their abilities to prevent illness and injury, diagnose patients’ problems, provide effective treatment, alleviate suffering through pain management and patients’ quality of life promotion, and facilitate interprofessional collaboration. In addition, the program aims to improve the students’ critical thinking while providing practical care through improving their ability to be flexible in the decision-making in clinical settings, and utilize knowledge received in practice such as past experiences, listen to others and draw the correct conclusions on the basis of the provided information, and select the best options for improving every client’s health.

Moreover, the philosophy of the program implicates to prepare effective leaders who are capable of inspiring their team members to perform better and provide optimal patient outcomes while remembering about cost-effectiveness. Nursing profession is about leading since nurses often work with the large groups of populations that need directions whether they are the members of the ancillary staff, team members, patients or their family members. Achieving optimal patient outcomes is impossible without being a leader of change since the health care process is a continuous phenomenon that requires constant attention from all its participants and powerful influence from a professional who is capable of motivating others. Other important aspects the philosophy is tracing are being an educational professional, leader of community health promotion, and excel in the evidence-based research.

Peer Collaboration Influence

Peer review of a previous draft of this manuscript has suggested that there should be more focus on nursing practice and leadership. To comply with the given recommendations, the paragraphs addressing nursing practice and leadership were expanded and placed to the front position. In addition, the paper was improved according to the peer recommendation to pay more attention to the evidence-based practice and critical thinking skills.